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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers delete files that are over 2 hours old Post 23806 by Perderabo on Sunday 30th of June 2002 09:02:38 PM
Old 06-30-2002
Use the "date" command to get the current date and time. Then subtract 2 from the hours. This may require adjusting the date if you are close to midnight. Once you have the date and time of 2 hours ago, use the "touch" command to create a temp file with that mtime. Next, use the "find" command is get a list of files older than the temp file and delete them. Finally, remove that temp file.

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mlmmj-maintd(1) 					      General Commands Manual						   mlmmj-maintd(1)

mlmmj-maintd - maintenance for mlmmj maintained lists SYNOPSIS
mlmmj-maintd [-F] [-d | -L] /path/to/dir -d: Full path to directory with lists -L: Full path to list directory -F: Don't fork, performing one maintenance run only. DESCRIPTION
This is the program doing the maintenance for an mlmmj based mailing list. It will unsubscribe people who have bounced for long enough, send out bounce probes, resend mails that couldn't be delivered to relayhost, clean out stale requests for e.g. subscription, resend list mails and clean up leftover files etc. If a directory containing several lists exists, the -d can be used to specify this, making mlmmj-maintd perform a maintenance run in every listdir below the specified one. Only either -d or -L can be specified at the same time. It will run as a daemon, unless the -F switch is specified, in which case it just runs once. The -F option should be used when one wants to avoid running another daemon, and use e.g. cron to control it instead. In case cron is used, mlmmj-maintd should be run every 2 hours or so. An example crontab entry: 0 */2 * * * /usr/bin/mlmmj-maintd -F -L /path/to/list AUTHORS
This manual page was written by the following persons: Soren Boll Overgaard <boll@debian.org> (based on html2man output) Mads Martin Jorgensen <mmj@mmj.dk> mlmmj-maintd September 2004 mlmmj-maintd(1)

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