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Full Discussion: Modifying Route
Special Forums IP Networking Modifying Route Post 23549 by hoang on Tuesday 25th of June 2002 04:42:52 AM
Old 06-25-2002
Modifying Route

I have to communicate with a distant station . But Both belong to the same area. So I do not need a gate .
But when I make a traceroute, it indicates that I pass through out a gate.

What can I do to establish a direct connexion between the both.
(with NT )

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kiki-the-nano-bot(6)						   Games Manual 					      kiki-the-nano-bot(6)

kiki-the-nano-bot - Kiki the nano bot, a 3D puzzle game SYNOPSIS
kiki-the-nano-bot DESCRIPTION
Kiki the nano bot is a 3D puzzle game, mixing Sokoban and Kula World. THE STORY
Once upon a time, there were some tiny little robots living in the nano world. They lived a happy artificial life busily collecting resources for the Maker who made more and more tiny little robots. But one day, a parasitic capacity destroyed the Maker's master control program. Since then he is malfunctioning and only producing lazy stupid little robots which shoot each other and destroy the nano world. Your task is to help kiki, the only sane bot left over, to repair the Maker. HOW TO PLAY
To solve the game, you have to complete several levels. Every level has it's own task. Pressing ESC will display a menu with a 'help' item which explains what you have to do in order to fulfill this task. Once you managed to fulfill the task, the exit gate will be activated. If kiki moves through the activated exit gate, it will be 'beamed' to the next level. The following table lists the default keys you will use to control kiki's actions: Up Move forward Down Move backward Left Turn left Right Turn right Space Shoot Control Jump Shift Push Page down Change view Home Look up End Look down You may change the keys in the keyboard setup screen. For more information, see the game's web site. SEE ALSO
The game's web site <http://kiki.sourceforge.net/> AUTHOR
Kiki the nano bot was developed by Thorsten Kohnhorst (aka Monsterkodi) and others. 2008-05-12 kiki-the-nano-bot(6)

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