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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Mac OS X Post 23451 by John Philip on Monday 24th of June 2002 04:26:57 AM
Old 06-24-2002
Hi Fleno

Originally posted by Fleno
I work as a consultant for a company that has several educations, and their main fileserver runs MacOSX server. Since i started there (Fall 2001) I have restarted that MacOSX server once. So for me, there has been no problem at all. But still I feel that Apple needs to seriosly educate their support. Many of them doesn't know anything about Apple's products.
Would you mind spending a few minutes giving me:

The OS version?
What kinda network (Copper, 100Mbit, Giga ?)
If you have one Network-unit supplier (Cisco, Allied ?) Could you give me their name ?
Thanx in advance

John Philip
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lprm(1)                                                             Apple Inc.                                                             lprm(1)

lprm - cancel print jobs SYNOPSIS
lprm [ -E ] [ -U username ] [ -h server[:port] ] [ -P destination[/instance] ] [ - ] [ job ID(s) ] DESCRIPTION
lprm cancels print jobs that have been queued for printing. If no arguments are supplied, the current job on the default destination is cancelled. You can specify one or more job ID numbers to cancel those jobs or use the - option to cancel all jobs. OPTIONS
The lprm command supports the following options: -E Forces encryption when connecting to the server. -P destination[/instance] Specifies the destination printer or class. -U username Specifies an alternate username. -h server[:port] Specifies an alternate server. COMPATIBILITY
The CUPS version of lprm is compatible with the standard Berkeley lprm command. SEE ALSO
cancel(1), lp(1), lpq(1), lpr(1), lpstat(1), http://localhost:631/help COPYRIGHT
Copyright 2007-2011 by Apple Inc. 28 August 2009 CUPS lprm(1)

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