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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Mac OS X Post 23278 by John Philip on Thursday 20th of June 2002 03:51:57 AM
Old 06-20-2002
A kind of answer from Apple

Well, well.
First Apple (verbally) expressed concern for the matter - and claimed to have analyzed the logs to show 2 (two) problems:
1) A networking protocol problem
2) A problem with the file system.
After careful consideration, Apple has returned (in writing):
Basically the error is a NetInfo failure. That happens when NI hang
which is when the filesystem does.
They suggest that try it without both scsi cards and using ATA drive...
There have been a lot of complaints about SCSI hanging and a t one point
Adaptec stated the 39160 and 29160 were not compatible with MacOS X...
Since then they released newer drivers than the ones we included with OS
X server. So maybe worth a try to update them...
So - Apple has no part in the problem!
However, the reply raises a few other questions:
1) The server acted the same way, when the filesystem was on the internal disk for a period.
2) If the Adaptec drivers incl. in OSX at one point was 'denounced' by Adaptec, why has Apple not released som sort of technote to this effect?
3) '..maybe worth an update...' is just about as uncommitted an answer as possible.
4) Why should it take local Apple Support, European Apple Support and finally some bigbrain in Cupertino so long to figure it out, if the Adaptec problem has been known to all of them for a while?

Probably the filesystem will feel better by an upgrade - but there's no definite indication that this will remedy the problem

PS.: OSX server version 10.1.3 worked a lot better with only one breakdown a week as opposed to the versions on either side of this - that has resulted in breakdowns 3-4 times a day (on a good day) - which is also a bit worrying. Does the Adaptec drives act less faulty on 10.1.3 ? I wonder...

John Philip

sigh, sigh - and shame on Apple

John Philip
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