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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Get a none duplicate list file Post 23275 by peter.herlihy on Thursday 20th of June 2002 01:47:42 AM
Old 06-20-2002
You can just use the syntax

sort -u myfile -o myfile

Cat is redundant in the suggested statement above and the sort command allows output to the input filename (unlike sed etc.)

Do you wish to retain the order in the file....and just remove duplicates? Or do you want to sort and remove duplicates?

sort -u -m myfile -o myfile

Will remove only duplicates that appear directly next door. It assumes the list is already sorted and looks for two rows next to each other that are the same. So a list of


Will come back as



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replacekey(1)						      General Commands Manual						     replacekey(1)

replacekey - replace keywords in a FITS header SYNOPSIS
replacekey [options] <in> DESCRIPTION
replacekey is aimed at replacing keywords in a FITS file's header by new keywords provided by the user on the command-line. ALGORITHM
The user can provide a new_keyword, an old_keyword, a value and a comment. first searchs for old_keyword if provided. If it finds it, it replaces the associated card by the new one (new_keyword=value/comment). If old_keyword is either not found or not provided, associated card by the new one (new_keyword=value/comment). new_keyword has to be provided. Examples: You want to change the value of VALUE from 32 to 16 in myfile.fits: % replacekey -k "VALUE" -v "16" myfile.fits If you want to replace the card with the keyword OLD by "NEW = 3.14 / This is a usefull key" in myfile.fits: % replacekey -k "NEW" -v "3.14" -c "This is a usefull key" -K "OLD" myfile.fits If your do not care about the HISTORY cards you have in the header, and want to replace the first one by VALUE=32, you would do: % replacekey -k "VALUE" -v "32" -K "HISTORY" myfile.fits OPTIONS
-k or --key key To provide the new keyword. -K or --old key To provide the old keyword. -v or --val val To provide the new value. -c or --com com To provide the new comment. SEE ALSO
hierarch28 to convert HIERARCH ESO keywords to regular 8-char keywords. FILES
Files shall all comply with FITS format BUGS
Modifications are so far only possible in the main header, not in the extensions. 28 Oct 1999 replacekey(1)

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