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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Get a none duplicate list file Post 23000 by usfrog on Friday 14th of June 2002 11:24:05 AM
Old 06-14-2002
sort will do (look at the man page for more options):

cat myFile | sort -u > myFileNoDup # create 2nd file
mv myFileNoDup myFile # replace first file

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WRAP-AND-SORT(1)					      General Commands Manual						  WRAP-AND-SORT(1)

wrap-and-sort - wrap long lines and sort items in Debian packaging files SYNOPSIS
wrap-and-sort [options] DESCRIPTION
wrap-and-sort wraps the package lists in Debian control files. By default the lists will only split into multiple lines if the entries are longer than 80 characters. wrap-and-sort sorts the package lists in Debian control files and all .install files. Beside that wrap-and-sort removes trailing spaces in these files. This script should be run in the root of a Debian package tree. It searches for control, control.in, copyright, copyright.in, install, and *.install in the debian directory. OPTIONS
-h, --help Show this help message and exit. -a, --wrap-always Wrap all package lists in the Debian control file even if the entries are shorter than 80 characters and could fit in one line line. -s, --short-indent Only indent wrapped lines by one space (default is in-line with the field name). -b, --sort-binary-packages Sort binary package paragraphs by name. -k, --keep-first When sorting binary package paragraphs, leave the first one at the top. Unqualified debhelper(7) configuration files are applied to the first package. -n, --no-cleanup Do not remove trailing whitespaces. -d path, --debian-directory=path Location of the debian directory (default: ./debian). -f file, --file=file Wrap and sort only the specified file. You can specify this parameter multiple times. All supported files will be processed if no files are specified. -v, --verbose Print all files that are touched. AUTHORS
wrap-and-sort and this manpage have been written by Benjamin Drung <bdrung@debian.org>. Both are released under the ISC license. DEBIAN
Debian Utilities WRAP-AND-SORT(1)

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