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Full Discussion: printing control characters
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers printing control characters Post 23 by mglinsk on Wednesday 20th of September 2000 04:03:54 PM
using c-shell, does anyone know how to send control characters to the printer before the job?

I need to set a printer to print in condensed mode


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SYSTEM-CONFIG-PRIN(1)						     Man pages						     SYSTEM-CONFIG-PRIN(1)

system-config-printer-applet - print job manager SYNOPSIS
system-config-printer-applet [--help] [--version] [--debug] DESCRIPTION
system-config-printer-applet is a print job manager for CUPS. Normally it will display a printer icon in the notification area, greyed out when there are no print jobs for the current user. Clicking on the icon displays a simple print job manager for cancelling or reprinting jobs. To save memory, the applet waits first of all until the user has printed a job before putting the icon in the notification area. To invoke the print job manager before a job has been printed, run the applet with the --no-tray-icon option: a desktop file is provided for this, so that it should appear in the system menu. As well as displaying a printer icon in the notification area, the applet also provides a D-BUS server for the com.redhat.PrintDriverSelection interface, to help configure a new printer when it is plugged in. OPTIONS
--help Display a short usage message. --version Display the version of the applet. --debug Show debugging information. AUTHOR
Tim Waugh <> Author. system-config-printer 24 Nov 2010 SYSTEM-CONFIG-PRIN(1)

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