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Top Forums Programming sqrt Post 22392 by Perderabo on Monday 3rd of June 2002 07:56:54 AM
Old 06-03-2002
sqrt is in the math library. Add -lm to your cc command and ld will find it.

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sqrt is not find???

I was writing a simple program in linux, which includes sqrt function of c. I included the math.h. But when I use gcc to compile it, it gave an error message: /home/murat/tmp/ccOv9upo.o(.text+0x4b): In function `main': : undefined reference to `sqrt' collect2: ld returned 1 exit status I... (2 Replies)
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How to create SQRT function in catenate file

HI, I have a file which i catenate and using the fields in the file, I would like to get sqrt of it. I tried to man the function but it normally would need an echo as well as bc. What I am intending to find out is catenate a file where let say cat a.txt| awk ' { t= h*($3+$2); t=... (7 Replies)
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how can i find sqrt of a any number without using expr

hi friends can any body tell me how can i find sqrt of a any given number without using expr in bash shell while i am doing i got some errors please take a look and code is here x=$((( ( sqrt($1) ) | bc ))) echo $x $ sh 9 line 12: ( (... (6 Replies)
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C Library reference error using sqrt() - will not compile.

This so basic that it should work.... Any ideas would be appreciared. Using a number directly in the sqrt allows it to compile. primrose > cat a.c #include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> int main(void) { double abcd=9; printf("%f\n",sqrt(abcd)); } primrose > gcc a.c Undefined first... (2 Replies)
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sqrt in bash

Hi, i have a the following script: #!/bin/bash a=3 b=9 let "c= b*a" let "d=sqrt $c " echo $d But when i execute the code, it gives me the an error saying: line 5: let: d=sqrt 27 : syntax error in expression (error token is "27 ") Can any body tell me what I'm doing wrong? (5 Replies)
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6. Shell Programming and Scripting

Q: Is SQRT(n) possible in a POSIX compliant shell? A: Yes within limits.

Hi all... This is just a fun project to see if it is possible to get a square root of a positive integer from 1 to 9200000 to 6 decimal places on a 64 bit architecture machine. It is coded around dash and the results show the values from 0 to 10000. Complex numbers can easily be catered for by... (3 Replies)
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sqrt(3M)																  sqrt(3M)

sqrt(), sqrtf(), sqrtl(), sqrtw(), sqrtq() - square root functions SYNOPSIS
HP Integrity Server Only DESCRIPTION
returns the non-negative square root of x. is a version of it takes a argument and returns a result. Integrity Server Only is a version of it takes a argument and returns a result. is an version of it takes an argument and returns an result. is equivalent to on HP-UX systems. USAGE
To use these functions compile either with the default option or with the and the options. To use (for Integrity servers) or compile also with the option. To use any of these functions, make sure your program includes and link in the math library by specifying on the compiler or linker command line. For more information, see the at the following site: RETURN VALUE
If x is +INFINITY, returns +INFINITY. If x is NaN, returns NaN. If x is less than zero, returns NaN and raises the invalid floating-point exception. raises the inexact exception whenever a rounded result does not equal the mathematical result. ERRORS
If x is less than zero, sets to [EDOM]. Integrity Server Only HP-UX functions on Integrity servers do not set by default. For setting, compile with the option and the (default) option. SEE ALSO
cbrt(3M), exp(3M), log(3M), pow(3M), math(5). STANDARDS CONFORMANCE
: SVID3, XPG4.2, ANSI C, ISO/IEC C99 (including Annex F, ``IEC 60559 floating-point arithmetic'') : ISO/IEC C99 (including Annex F, ``IEC 60559 floating-point arithmetic'') sqrt(3M)

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