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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users different environment in each directory Post 22136 by Perderabo on Tuesday 28th of May 2002 06:42:11 PM
Old 05-28-2002
What you propose should be workable, but I suggest that you think before you do this. It will result in a fundamental change to the way UNIX normally works. And this will blindside unsuspecting users who think that they understand UNIX. If you do proceed with this, print out a message when you change the environment.

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lppasswd(1)						      Easy Software Products						       lppasswd(1)

lppasswd - add, change, or delete digest passwords. SYNOPSIS
lppasswd [ -a ] [ -g groupname ] [ -x ] [ username ] DESCRIPTION
lppasswd adds, changes, or deletes passwords in the CUPS digest password file, passwd.md5. When run by a normal user, lppasswd will prompt for the old and new passwords. When run by the super-user, lppasswd can add new accounts (-a username), change existing accounts (user- name), or delete accounts (-x username) in the digest password file. Digest usernames do not have to match local UNIX usernames, but only UNIX usernames are supported by the CUPS client programs (lp(1), lpr(1), etc.) The -g option specifies a group other than the system group - "sys", "system", or "root", depending on the operating system. SECURITY ISSUES
The lppasswd command is installed setuid to root. While every attempt has been made to make it secure against exploits that could grant super-user priviledges to unpriviledged users, paranoid system administrators may wish to disable or change the ownership of the program to an unpriviledged account. SEE ALSO
lp(1), lpr(1), CUPS Software Administrators Manual, CUPS Software Users Manual, http://localhost:631/documentation.html COPYRIGHT
Copyright 1993-2002 by Easy Software Products, All Rights Reserved. 7 June 2001 Common UNIX Printing System lppasswd(1)

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