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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting select datas from an input file Post 21689 by irfan_yousuf on Tuesday 21st of May 2002 11:02:21 AM
Old 05-21-2002
i think implementing awk could solve ur problem... anywayz if u could be more clear abt ur problem, i think we could help u out with it

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extract/select pattern from input

Hey, examples of the input (text line): /bla/blMOasdn234.adanif24/blabla.rar /bla/blMOasdn234.adanif24/blabla23124.bin /bla/bla/bla/bla/bla/bla.bin and what I need to do is extract/select only the dir path so the output would be: /bla/blMOasdn234.adanif24/ /bla/blMOasdn234.adanif24/... (4 Replies)
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arranging datas if input file is not having also...!!

hi, my input file is containg uid, eriMaster ,eriResign, ericontry, dept. some of the uid are not having all info. out put should include all info irrespctive of datas of input file if any one data is missing, then it has to print Null or zero..then continue with the existing one. here... (0 Replies)
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how to test input variable is a string in a select loop

Okay -- I hope I ask this correctly. I'm working on my little shell script to write vendor names and aliases to files from user input. If a user choose to add to a file, he can do that as well. I'm using a select loop for this function to list all the possible files the user can choose from.... (7 Replies)
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Comparing datas in two excel file

Hi All, i have two excel sheets with same column name as below col1 col2 col3 ---- ---- ----- 1 121 156 24 456 788 45 444 777 765 32 77 col1 col2 col3 ---- ---- ----- 24 456 ... (1 Reply)
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PS3 select when wrong input given

Hi All I am using the below code to chose a file to view : PS3="Select file to view : " select FILE in `ls` QUIT do if ; then clear cat $FILE else break fi REPLY='' done Everything works fine as long as I am giving the correct choice . But when i give a... (4 Replies)
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6. Shell Programming and Scripting

Select command help with blank input value

I have a select menu driven script using a case statment and cannot control what happens after a user's input is just <ENTER> or the <SPACEBAR>+<ENTER>. I want it to just hit the "MAIN" function and not redraw the options. I've look everywhere for the answer and am at a loss. Here's the code:... (4 Replies)
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Script to select the rows from the feed file based on the input value provided

Hi Folks, I have the below feed file named abc1.txt in which you can see there is a title and below is the respective values in the rows and it is completely pipe delimited file ,. ... (3 Replies)
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Format column datas

I have some data like this: 4258092 TRXCODE a 19 CARDNBR a 10 PINFLAG a 6 FUISSUER a 12 PRODUCT a 24 STATE n 1 I want out put this format: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="GB2312"?> <convGrp> <grpid>4258092</grpid> <script> <!]> ... (4 Replies)
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9. Shell Programming and Scripting

How to create a file contains millions of lines and each line has different datas?

I want to create a file contains millions of lines. The line format like this: acnum$$123456$$+$$Tom$$111$$ fields separated by $$, field 1 and field 3 have only two options:acnum or crenum; + or -. field 4 can be any name or any letters. Other fields can be any fixed length digits. So, I want to... (9 Replies)
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10. Shell Programming and Scripting

Help with 'select' for menu input

A lot of my scripting makes use of the 'select' command to create menu driven input. A typical example of how I use it is as: somevar='' PS3='Select one: ' while ]; do select somevar in $(sqlplus -s $dbuser/$dbpw@mydb <<EOF set echo off feedback off verify off... (7 Replies)
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NPM-RUN-SCRIPT(1)														 NPM-RUN-SCRIPT(1)

npm-run-script - Run arbitrary package scripts SYNOPSIS
npm run-script <command> [--silent] [-- <args>...] alias: npm run DESCRIPTION
This runs an arbitrary command from a package's "scripts" object. If no "command" is provided, it will list the available scripts. run[-script] is used by the test, start, restart, and stop commands, but can be called directly, as well. When the scripts in the package are printed out, they're separated into lifecycle (test, start, restart) and directly-run scripts. As of ` https://blog.npmjs.org/post/98131109725/npm-2-0-0, you can use custom arguments when executing scripts. The special option -- is used by getopt https://goo.gl/KxMmtG to delimit the end of the options. npm will pass all the arguments after the -- directly to your script: npm run test -- --grep="pattern" The arguments will only be passed to the script specified after npm run and not to any pre or post script. The env script is a special built-in command that can be used to list environment variables that will be available to the script at run- time. If an "env" command is defined in your package, it will take precedence over the built-in. In addition to the shell's pre-existing PATH, npm run adds node_modules/.bin to the PATH provided to scripts. Any binaries provided by locally-installed dependencies can be used without the node_modules/.bin prefix. For example, if there is a devDependency on tap in your package, you should write: "scripts": {"test": "tap test/*.js"} instead of "scripts": {"test": "node_modules/.bin/tap test/*.js"} to run your tests. The actual shell your script is run within is platform dependent. By default, on Unix-like systems it is the /bin/sh command, on Windows it is the cmd.exe. The actual shell referred to by /bin/sh also depends on the system. As of ` https://github.com/npm/npm/releases/tag/v5.1.0 you can customize the shell with the script-shell configuration. Scripts are run from the root of the module, regardless of what your current working directory is when you call npm run. If you want your script to use different behavior based on what subdirectory you're in, you can use the INIT_CWD environment variable, which holds the full path you were in when you ran npm run. npm run sets the NODE environment variable to the node executable with which npm is executed. Also, if the --scripts-prepend-node-path is passed, the directory within which node resides is added to the PATH. If --scripts-prepend-node-path=auto is passed (which has been the default in npm v3), this is only performed when that node executable is not found in the PATH. If you try to run a script without having a node_modules directory and it fails, you will be given a warning to run npm install, just in case you've forgotten. You can use the --silent flag to prevent showing npm ERR! output on error. You can use the --if-present flag to avoid exiting with a non-zero exit code when the script is undefined. This lets you run potentially undefined scripts without breaking the execution chain. SEE ALSO
o npm help 7 scripts o npm help test o npm help start o npm help restart o npm help stop o npm help 7 config January 2019 NPM-RUN-SCRIPT(1)

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