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Contact Us Post Here to Contact Site Administrators and Moderators results survey Post 21486 by Neo on Thursday 16th of May 2002 07:00:13 PM
Old 05-16-2002
The results were this:

Creating email accounts that users could pay to maintain the diskspace, server, admin time, etc. might create the wrong impression that these are commerical forums. Since this is and has always been a non-commercial site for the public exchange of information, the idea was dropped on advise of attorneys that represent the non-commercial interests of the forums.

We have worked hard for 9 years to keep the site open so the world community can freely exchange information on generic unix issues. You cannot imagine how expense the legal fees are Smilie and how much time and effort is involved.

This site is for the world to enjoy.... and we are working hard to keep the site and forums OPEN and FREE.... but the battle rages everyday and continue to rage !!

Please wish us luck and keep your fingers crossed that justice, truth and fairness prevail !!!!

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KNIFE-COOKBOOK-SITE(1)						    Chef Manual 					    KNIFE-COOKBOOK-SITE(1)

knife-cookbook-site - Install and update open source cookbooks SYNOPSIS
knife cookbook site sub-command (options) COOKBOOK SITE SUB-COMMANDS knife cookbook site provides the following subcommands: INSTALL
cookbook site install COOKBOOK [VERSION] (options) -D, --skip-dependencies Skip automatic installation of dependencies. -o, --cookbook-path PATH Install cookbooks to PATH -B, --branch BRANCH Default branch to work with [defaults to master] Uses git(1) version control in conjunction with the cookbook site to install community contributed cookbooks to your local cookbook reposi- tory. Running knife cookbook site install does the following: 1. A new "pristine copy" branch is created in git for tracking the upstream; 2. All existing cookbooks are removed from the branch; 3. The cookbook is downloaded from the cookbook site in tarball form; 4. The downloaded cookbook is untarred, and its contents commited via git; 5. The pristine copy branch is merged into the master branch. By installing cookbook with this process, you can locally modify the upstream cookbook in your master branch and let git maintain your changes as a separate patch. When an updated upstream version becomes available, you will be able to merge the upstream changes while main- taining your local modifications. Unless --skip-dependencies is specified, the process is applied recursively to all the cookbooks COOKBOOK depends on (via metadata depen- dencies). DOWNLOAD
knife cookbook site download COOKBOOK [VERSION] (options) -f, --file FILE The filename to write to --force Force download deprecated cookbook Downloads a specific cookbook from the Community site, optionally specifying a certain version. LIST
knife cookbook site list (options) -w, --with-uri Show corresponding URIs Lists available cookbooks from the Community site. SEARCH
knife cookbook site search QUERY (options) Searches for available cookbooks matching the specified query. SHARE
knife cookbook site share COOKBOOK CATEGORY (options) -k, --key KEY API Client Key -u, --user USER API Client Username -o, --cookbook-path PATH:PATH A colon-separated path to look for cookbooks in Uploads the specified cookbook using the given category to the Opscode cookbooks site. Requires a login user and certificate for the Opscode Cookbooks site. By default, knife will use the username and API key you've configured in your configuration file; otherwise you must explicitly set these values on the command line or use an alternate configuration file. UNSHARE
knife cookbook site unshare COOKBOOK Stops sharing the specified cookbook on the Opscode cookbooks site. SHOW
knife cookbook site show COOKBOOK [VERSION] (options) Shows information from the site about a particular cookbook. DESCRIPTION
The cookbook site,, is a cookbook distribution service operated by Opscode. This service provides users with a central location to publish cookbooks for sharing with other community members. knife cookbook site commands provide an interface to the cookbook site's HTTP API. For commands that read data from the API, no account is required. In order to upload cookbooks using the knife cookbook site share command, you must create an account on the cookbook site and configure your credentials via command line option or in your knife configuration file. EXAMPLES
Uploading cookbooks to the Opscode cookbooks site: knife cookbook site share example Other -k ~/.chef/USERNAME.pem -u USERNAME SEE ALSO
knife-cookbook(1) AUTHOR
Chef was written by Adam Jacob with many contributions from the community. DOCUMENTATION
This manual page was written by Joshua Timberman Permission is granted to copy, distribute and / or modify this docu- ment under the terms of the Apache 2.0 License. CHEF
Knife is distributed with Chef. Chef 10.12.0 June 2012 KNIFE-COOKBOOK-SITE(1)

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