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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Mac OS X Post 21438 by John Philip on Thursday 16th of May 2002 11:03:37 AM
Old 05-16-2002
Awww...?&%?# - now it just worked

Been running the customers system A-OK with a 100MBit switch a new cabling for a while.
Changed the replacement (slow-boat) 100MBit switch to another 100Mbit switch with an uplink to a gig-switch(24 - port - 100Mb, 7 - port - gig)
Worked fine for 24 hours - then problems started again.
Another server freeze. Last entry in the log:
2002-05-16 10:13:54 CEST Started child "/usr/sbin/slpd" as pid 432.
2002-05-16 10:13:54 CEST Started child "/usr/sbin/sambadmind" as pid 433.
2002-05-16 10:13:54 CEST Started child "/usr/sbin/PrintServiceMonitor" as pid 434.
2002-05-16 10:13:54 CEST Started child "/usr/sbin/serveradmind" as pid 435.
2002-05-16 10:13:54 CEST Automatic reboot timer enabled.
2002-05-16 10:13:54 CEST Reaped child process 432 ("/usr/sbin/slpd"); quit with exit status 253.
2002-05-16 10:13:54 CEST Process "/usr/sbin/slpd" respawning too rapidly!

- after which the server frooze with no further warning...sigh :-(((((
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slpd(8) 						      System Manager's Manual							   slpd(8)

slpd - SLPv2 Service Agent (SA)/Directory Agent (DA) SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/slpd [-d] [-c configfile] [-r registrationfile] [-l logfile] [-p pidfile] DESCRIPTION
slpd is an SLPv2 compliant Service Agent and (optionally) Directory Agent. It listens for SLP requests on port 427, responding to the SLP User Agents and (when running as a DA) Service Agents. slpd is typically invoked at boot time, usually out of /etc/init.d/slpd . OPTIONS
-d Don't detach from the controlling tty -f configfile Use configfile as the file slpd reads to obtain configuration information, rather than the default, /etc/slpd.conf . -r registrationfile Use registrationfile as the file that slpd reads to obtain static registrations, rather than the default, /etc/slpd.rej. -l logfile Use logfile as the file that slpd reads to write log messages, rather than the default, /var/log/slpd.log. -p pidfile Use pidfile as the file that holds the slpd process id, rather than the default, /var/run/ SEE ALSO
"OpenSLP User's Guide" NOTES
This man page was written for the Debian project by Debian Developer Ganesan Rajagopal ( You should refer to the online html documentation in the openslp-doc package for more complete and up-to-date information. BUGS ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS
OpenSLP is developed and maintained by The OpenSLP Project ( OpenSLP 1.0.1 Sep 08 2001 slpd(8)

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