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Originally posted by killerserv
how about $sndconfig are you able to get the sound card configured or at least at the stage of auto-probeing. If you able to get to:

on your unix and im sure there will be a step for autoprobe your current sound card. If its not succesfull it will show on screen that this sound card is not supported. Also try to post the output of:

$ dmesg | grep EISA

Also post what is your current kernel. If the card is not supported by your current kernel you may try to upgrade your kernel to the latest. More latest kernel having a wide numbers of devices supported on it. Give a try and do post the above informations.
Thank you, but I'm 14, and I've been using Linux for half-a-month! this is kinda going over my head.
I'm running kernel 2.4.2, and there is no autoprobe data when the kernel detects new hardware. I'll check tonight just what card it is, then go over my man pages again. thank you!

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SND_AD1816(4)						   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 					     SND_AD1816(4)

snd_ad1816 -- Analog Devices AD1816 ISA bridge device driver SYNOPSIS
To compile this driver into the kernel, place the following lines in your kernel configuration file: device sound device snd_ad1816 Alternatively, to load the driver as a module at boot time, place the following line in loader.conf(5): snd_ad1816_load="YES" Non-PnP cards require the following lines in device.hints(5): hint.pcm.0.at="isa" hint.pcm.0.irq="10" hint.pcm.0.drq="1" hint.pcm.0.flags="0x0" DESCRIPTION
The snd_ad1816 bridge driver allows the generic audio driver sound(4) to attach to the AD1816 sound card. HARDWARE
The snd_ad1816 driver supports the following sound cards: o Analog Devices AD1816 SEE ALSO
sound(4) HISTORY
The snd_ad1816 device driver first appeared in FreeBSD 4.0. AUTHORS
Cameron Grant <cg@FreeBSD.org> Luigi Rizzo <luigi@FreeBSD.org> Hannu Savolainen BSD
December 15, 2005 BSD

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