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Special Forums Hardware Filesystems, Disks and Memory thank you Post 21403 by killerserv on Thursday 16th of May 2002 04:57:47 AM
Old 05-16-2002
anything? what you would like to know. Fork process? Daemon process? you questions seems to narrow and suspiciously homework or assignment question alike. (Could be mistaken), Anyway do give some detail information of your questions.
Test Your Knowledge in Computers #91
Difficulty: Easy
To change to another directory in Linux, you use the cd command.
True or False?
filesystem(7)						 Miscellaneous Information Manual					     filesystem(7)

filesystem - event signalling that filesystems have been mounted SYNOPSIS
filesystem [ENV]... DESCRIPTION
The filesystem event is generated by the mountall(8) daemon after it has mounted all filesystems listed in fstab(5). mountall(8) emits this event as an informational signal, services and tasks started or stopped by this event will do so in parallel with other activity. EXAMPLE
A service that wishes to be running once filesystems are mounted might use: start on filesystem SEE ALSO
mounting(7) mounted(7) virtual-filesystems(7) local-filesystems(7) remote-filesystems(7) all-swaps(7) mountall 2009-12-21 filesystem(7)

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