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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting awk command for INSERT statement Post 21084 by nattynatty on Friday 10th of May 2002 10:04:29 AM
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Data awk command for INSERT statement


I sometimes bulk upload data in oracle. The problem is that I sometimes get an INSERT statemnt like this:
VALUES ('SABRDAG','D'AGOS','SABRINA','sabrina_d'',70)

I would like to run an awk or sed command that would take care of the single quotes in the INSERT statement.
So the above string should be

VALUES ('SABRDAG','D''AGOS','SABRINA','sabrina_d''',70);

I have tried awk but couldnt make it work. Any help would be appreciated.

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DB2_LAST_INSERT_ID(3)							 1						     DB2_LAST_INSERT_ID(3)

db2_last_insert_id - Returns the auto generated ID of the last insert query that successfully executed on this connection

string db2_last_insert_id (resource $resource) DESCRIPTION
Returns the auto generated ID of the last insert query that successfully executed on this connection. The result of this function is not affected by any of the following: o A single row INSERT statement with a VALUES clause for a table without an identity column. o A multiple row INSERT statement with a VALUES clause. o An INSERT statement with a fullselect. o A ROLLBACK TO SAVEPOINT statement. PARAMETERS
o $resource - A valid connection resource as returned from db2_connect(3) or db2_pconnect(3). The value of this parameter cannot be a state- ment resource or result set resource. RETURN VALUES
Returns the auto generated ID of last insert query that successfully executed on this connection. EXAMPLES
Example #1 A db2_last_insert_id(3) example The following example shows how to return the auto generated ID of last insert query that successfully executed on this connection. <?php $database = "SAMPLE"; $user = "db2inst1"; $password = "ibmdb2"; $conn = db2_connect($database, $user, $password); if($conn) { $createTable = "CREATE TABLE lastInsertID (id integer GENERATED BY DEFAULT AS IDENTITY, name varchar(20))"; $insertTable = "INSERT INTO lastInsertID (name) VALUES ('Temp Name')"; $stmt = @db2_exec($conn, $createTable); /* Checking for single row inserted. */ $stmt = db2_exec($conn, $insertTable); $ret = db2_last_insert_id($conn); if($ret) { echo "Last Insert ID is : " . $ret . " "; } else { echo "No Last insert ID. "; } db2_close($conn); } else { echo "Connection failed."; } ?> The above example will output: Last Insert ID is : 1 PHP Documentation Group DB2_LAST_INSERT_ID(3)

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