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i-Spy is a smart data warehouse monitoring and optimization tool designed for IBM Informix databases. i-Spy helps warehouse administrators and architects increase the business value of enterprise data warehouses through enhanced utilization efficiency, design improvements, and lower maintenance costs.

Informix I-Spy runs on HP-UX and SunOS (Solaris).

Related to SQL Family, im sure your Sys Admin running SQL Database on the server as i-spy is one of the component for both Informix and SQL.
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PDO_INFORMIX-DSN(3)							 1						       PDO_INFORMIX-DSN(3)

PDO_INFORMIX DSN - Connecting to Informix databases

	The  PDO_INFORMIX  Data Source Name (DSN) is based on the Informix ODBC DSN string. Details on configuring an Informix ODBC DSN are avail-
       able from the Informix Dynamic Server Information Center. The major components of the PDO_INFORMIX DSN are:

	      o DSN prefix
		- The DSN prefix is informix:.

	      o DSN
		- The DSN can be either a data source setup using odbc.ini or a complete connection string.

       Example #1

	      PDO_INFORMIX DSN example using odbc.ini

	       The following example shows a PDO_INFORMIX DSN for connecting to an Informix database cataloged as Infdrv33 in odbc.ini:

	      $db = new PDO("informix:DSN=Infdrv33", "", "");

	      [ODBC Data Sources]
	      Infdrv33=INFORMIX 3.3 32-BIT

	      Description=INFORMIX 3.3 32-BIT

       Example #2

	      PDO_INFORMIX DSN example using a connection string

	       The following example shows a PDO_INFORMIX DSN for connecting to an Informix database named common_db using the Informix connection
	      string syntax.

	      $db = new PDO("; service=9800;
		  database=common_db; server=ids_server; protocol=onsoctcp;
		  EnableScrollableCursors=1", "testuser", "tespass");

PHP Documentation Group 												       PDO_INFORMIX-DSN(3)

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