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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers i-spy for UNIX - What is it?? Post 21076 by Kanu77 on Friday 10th of May 2002 04:51:33 AM
Old 05-10-2002
Question i-spy for UNIX - What is it??

I'm just after finding a file resding in my temporary directory(/tmp) on my machine called 'i-spy'

This file is owned by root and ordinary muppets like me cant delete it, open or even do a more or cat on it. I'm running Solaris 2.6 on a Sun Ultra 5.

Can anyone out there give me a good explanation as to what i-spy is and how it works?

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Arch::TempFiles(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				      Arch::TempFiles(3pm)

Arch::TempFiles - help to manage temporary files/dirs SYNOPSIS
use Arch::TempFiles qw(temp_file_name temp_file temp_dir); # all will be removed automatically on the script completion my $file_name1 = temp_file(); my $file_name2 = temp_file_name("status"); my $dir_name = temp_dir("arch-tree"); use Arch::TempFiles; my $tmp = new Arch::TempFiles; $tmp->root($tmp->dir); my $file_name = $tmp->name; open OUT, ">$file_name"; close OUT; DESCRIPTION
This module deals with temporary file names. It is similar to File::Temp, but simplier and more focused. Also, File::Temp is relatively new and was not shipped with older perl versions. Both function interface and object oriented interface are supported. FUNCTIONS
/METHODS The following functions are available: temp_root, temp_name, temp_file_name, temp_dir_name, temp_file, temp_dir. The corresponding class methods are available too: root, name, file_name, dir_name, file, dir. temp_root [dir] $tmp->root [dir] Change or return the root of the temporary files and dirs. The default is either $ENV{TMP_DIR} or "/tmp". temp_name [label] $tmp->name [label] Return the unused temporary file name. The default file name is "/tmp/,,arch-XXXXXX" where XXXXXX is a random number. To change this name use "temp_root" and/or provide label that replaces "arch". Please note, that the operation of acquiring the file name using this function/method and actual creating of this file is not atomic. So you may need to call this method again if the creation is failed, for example if some other process created the same file in the middle. temp_file_name [label] $tmp->file_name [label] Like "temp_name", but stores the name in the file list that will be removed on the end (on object destruction). temp_dir_name [label] $tmp->dir_name [label] Like "temp_name", but stores the name in the dir list that will be removed on the end (on object destruction). temp_file [label] $tmp->file [label] Like "temp_file_name", but also creates the file. temp_dir [label] $tmp->dir [label] Like "temp_dir_name", but also creates the dir. BUGS
Awaiting for your reports. AUTHORS
Mikhael Goikhman ( SEE ALSO
For a different interface, see File::Temp. perl v5.10.1 2005-04-22 Arch::TempFiles(3pm)

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