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Full Discussion: RAID Unix command
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers RAID Unix command Post 20898 by Optimus_P on Tuesday 7th of May 2002 10:19:47 AM
Old 05-07-2002
if you want to find out on aix this is what i use to tell me LOTS of stuff but you can figure out if your mirrored via the manual method.

echo ------ DISKINFO SCRIPT by: dooley.michael@con-way.com ------
echo HOST:      `hostname`
echo DATE:      `date +%Y-%m-%d`

PV=`lspv|awk '{ print $1 }'`
# List of Physical Drives
echo ------ PHYSICAL DRIVES ------

# Pageing Space
echo ------ PAGEING SPACE ------
lsps -a

for i in $VG;do
lv_disk=`lsvg -l $i|awk '{ print $1}'|grep -v $i|grep -v LV`

        echo ------ VOLUME GROUP INFO \($i\) ------
        lsvg $i
        echo ------ LOGICAL VOLUME NAME \($i\) ------
        lsvg -l $i
#       echo ------ HDISKS USED FOR \($i/$g\) ------
#       lslv -l $g
#       echo
#       echo ------ FILESYSTEM LAYOUT ON DISKS \($i/$g\) ------
#       lslv -m $g
#       echo

for i in $PV;do
        echo ------ DISK STATS ON \($i\) ------
        lspv $i
        echo ------ FILESYSTEMS ON \($i\) ------

# Filesystems per disk

        lspv -l $i
        echo ------ SPACE AVALIABLE \($i\) ------

# Free space per disk

#        lslv -p $i
        lspv -p $i

echo ------ END OF FILE ------


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IPRINIT(8)						      System Manager's Manual							IPRINIT(8)

iprinit - IBM Power RAID adapter/device initialization utility SYNOPSIS
iprinit iprinit --debug --daemon --use-polling --use-uevents DESCRIPTION
iprinit is used to setup IBM Power RAID adapters and devices for optimal performance. It will enable U320 scsi speeds if it is determined the disk enclosure supports it. It will also enable tagged command queuing. Any scsi bus attributes, such as bus width, or disk attributes, such as queue depth, that have been setup by iprconfig will be loaded as well. It is desired that this be called in the boot process, using the init.d script provided. OPTIONS
--version Print the version number of iprinit --debug Enable additional error logging. Enabling this will result in additional errors logging to /var/log/messages. --daemon Run as a daemon to handle adapters and devices being hotplugged. --use-polling Do not use netlink/uevent notification, but rather poll for adapter and device configuration changes. --use-uevents Use netlink/uevent notification rather than polling for adapter and device configuration changes. If not specified, polling will be used until the first uevent notification appears, then netlink will be used. AUTHOR
Brian King (brking@us.ibm.com) February 2005 IPRINIT(8)

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