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Partioning Drives

I have this 36 GB harddisk which houses the root partition along with a 28 GB partion for the rest of the data. The thing I wish to do is that partition this 28 GB into two partions. I have never partitioned the root disk. I just wanted to know whether is it possible to do when the disk is online or I have to boot through CDROM, keeping the root disk in an unmounted state and then perform the partition.
THis is what i have
6GB /
4GB swap
28 GB of /space
1MB of unassigned partition space which has not been mounted.

I believe this is given so that I can just add some space to this unassigned partition .

If u have any doubts regarding this question plz get back to me . Actually I am not near my m/c to exactly give u the prtvtoc o/p


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DISKTAB(5)							File Formats Manual							DISKTAB(5)

disktab - disk description file SYNOPSIS
#include <disktab.h> DESCRIPTION
Disktab is a simple date base which describes disk geometries and disk partition characteristics. The format is patterned after the term- cap(5) terminal data base. Entries in disktab consist of a number of `:' separated fields. The first entry for each disk gives the names which are known for the disk, separated by `|' characters. The last name given should be a long name fully identifying the disk. The following list indicates the normal values stored for each disk entry. Name Type Description ns num Number of sectors per track nt num Number of tracks per cylinder nc num Total number of cylinders on the disk b0 str Filename of block zero primary bootstrap for device ba num Block size for partition `a' (bytes) bd num Block size for partition `d' (bytes) be num Block size for partition `e' (bytes) bf num Block size for partition `f' (bytes) bg num Block size for partition `g' (bytes) bh num Block size for partition `h' (bytes) fa num Fragment size for partition `a' (bytes) fd num Fragment size for partition `d' (bytes) fe num Fragment size for partition `e' (bytes) ff num Fragment size for partition `f' (bytes) fg num Fragment size for partition `g' (bytes) fh num Fragment size for partition `h' (bytes) pa num Size of partition `a' in sectors pb num Size of partition `b' in sectors pc num Size of partition `c' in sectors pd num Size of partition `d' in sectors pe num Size of partition `e' in sectors pf num Size of partition `f' in sectors pg num Size of partition `g' in sectors ph num Size of partition `h' in sectors se num Sector size in bytes (default 512) sf bool supports bad144-style bad sector forwarding so bool partition offsets in sectors ty str Type of disk (e.g. removable, winchester) Disktab entries may be automatically generated with the diskpart program. FILES
/etc/disktab SEE ALSO
newfs(8), diskpart(8), getdiskbyname(3) BUGS
This file shouldn't exist, the information should be stored on each disk pack. 4.2 Berkeley Distribution May 17, 1986 DISKTAB(5)

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