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Special Forums News, Links, Events and Announcements Modern Operating Systems: Tanenbaum Post 20577 by PxT on Monday 29th of April 2002 02:40:34 PM
Old 04-29-2002
In a related vein, if you have never seen the famous Linus vs. Tanenbaum debate you should really give it a read -- http://groups.google.com/groups?thre...0star.cs.vu.nl

I wonder if Tanenbaum has changed his mind about the design decisions of Linux since 1992? Obviously his arguments about micro vs. mono-lithic kernels have not hindered the development of Linux.

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ttk_image(n)							 Tk Themed Widget						      ttk_image(n)


ttk_image - Define an element based on an image SYNOPSIS
ttk::style element create name image imageSpec ?options? _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
The image element factory creates a new element in the current theme whose visual appearance is determined by Tk images. imageSpec is a list of one or more elements. The first element is the default image name. The rest of the list is a sequence of statespec / value pairs specifying other images to use when the element is in a particular state or combination of states. OPTIONS
Valid options are: -border padding padding is a list of up to four integers, specifying the left, top, right, and bottom borders, respectively. See IMAGE STRETCHING, below. -height height Specifies a minimum height for the element. If less than zero, the base image's height is used as a default. -padding padding Specifies the element's interior padding. Defaults to -border if not specified. -sticky spec Specifies how the image is placed within the final parcel. spec contains zero or more characters "n", "s", "w", or "e". -width width Specifies a minimum width for the element. If less than zero, the base image's width is used as a default. IMAGE STRETCHING
If the element's allocated parcel is larger than the image, the image will be placed in the parcel based on the -sticky option. If the image needs to stretch horizontally (i.e., -sticky ew) or vertically (-sticky ns), subregions of the image are replicated to fill the par- cel based on the -border option. The -border divides the image into 9 regions: four fixed corners, top and left edges (which may be tiled horizontally), left and right edges (which may be tiled vertically), and the central area (which may be tiled in both directions). EXAMPLE
set img1 [image create photo -file button.png] set img2 [image create photo -file button-pressed.png] set img3 [image create photo -file button-active.png] style element create Button.button image [list $img1 pressed $img2 active $img3] -border {2 4} -sticky we SEE ALSO
ttk::intro(n), ttk::style(n), ttk_vsapi(n), image(n), photo(n) KEYWORDS
style, theme, appearance, pixmap theme, image Tk 8.5 ttk_image(n)

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