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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Removing the ^M character in VI Post 20543 by julesinbath on Monday 29th of April 2002 06:51:31 AM
Old 04-29-2002
Removing the ^M character in VI


I am attempting to remove all the ^M characters in a file in VI.

The command I am using is


but it doesn't work, saying 'substitute pattern match failed'.

Any ideas why?


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UNTEX(1)						      General Commands Manual							  UNTEX(1)

untex - strip LaTeX comands from input SYNOPSIS
untex [ options ] [ files ... ] DESCRIPTION
Untex removes some LaTeX commands from the files listed in the arguments (or standard input) and prints the output to standard output. OPTIONS
- read from standard input. -o remove options to LaTeX commands, i. e. everything in brackets [] behind a command. -i process "include{file}" and "input{file}" and "input file" commands. -m (try to) remove all math code. -u replace all "a (etc.) with ibm (CP850) characters. -uiso replace all "a (etc.) with ISO characters. -uascii replace all "a (etc.) with ascii characters. -g replace all "a (etc., from german.sty) with ibm (CP850) characters. -giso replace all "a (etc., from german.sty) with ISO characters. -gascii replace all "a (etc., from german.sty) with ascii characters. -e remove environment names. -a remove arguments of commands (not recommended). -g implies -u, -a implies -o. SEE ALSO
latex, tex, detex BUGS
The -g and -u options only work for german accented characters. Not fixed due to lack of time, any help is appreciated. The includeonly command is ignored. Using -u option in a UTF-8 terminal doesn't work. Using it alone in a Latin1 terminal doesn't work either, you must also add -uiso. AUTHORS
Untex was written by Michael Staats (michael@hal6000.thp.Uni-Duisburg.DE). The -gascii and -uascii options were added by Denis Endisch (denis@smoky.ikf.physik.uni-frankfurt.de). Thanks to Subhasish Mazumdar (mazumdar@ringer.cs.utsa.edu) for some hints for improvements and bug reports. 4th Berkeley Distribution Version 1.2 1994 April 6 UNTEX(1)

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