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Full Discussion: mistakenly issued crontab -r
Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users mistakenly issued crontab -r Post 20064 by mikek147 on Friday 19th of April 2002 02:35:47 PM
Old 04-19-2002
I would also like to add that when you do get your crontab file back, you cd /var/spool/cron/crontabs. The files you see in there are the crontab files currently running, one per cron user, i.e. root, adm, mail uucp, etc... You don't want to touch them in any way, but I would recommend that you save a copy of them somewhere safe, just for this type of eventuality. -mk

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CRON(8) 						      System Manager's Manual							   CRON(8)

cron - daemon to execute scheduled commands (Vixie Cron) SYNOPSIS
Cron should be started from /etc/rc or /etc/rc.local. It will return immediately, so you don't need to start it with '&'. Cron searches /var/spool/cron for crontab files which are named after accounts in /etc/passwd; crontabs found are loaded into memory. Cron also searches for /etc/crontab and the files in the /etc/cron.d/ directory, which are in a different format (see crontab(5)). Cron then wakes up every minute, examining all stored crontabs, checking each command to see if it should be run in the current minute. When execut- ing commands, any output is mailed to the owner of the crontab (or to the user named in the MAILTO environment variable in the crontab, if such exists). Additionally, cron checks each minute to see if its spool directory's modtime (or the modtime on /etc/crontab) has changed, and if it has, cron will then examine the modtime on all crontabs and reload those which have changed. Thus cron need not be restarted whenever a crontab file is modified. Note that the Crontab(1) command updates the modtime of the spool directory whenever it changes a crontab. SEE ALSO
crontab(1), crontab(5) AUTHOR
Paul Vixie <paul@vix.com> 4th Berkeley Distribution 20 December 1993 CRON(8)

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