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Full Discussion: Using a Sun Ultra 5 at work
Special Forums UNIX Desktop Questions & Answers Using a Sun Ultra 5 at work Post 19549 by skinnell2 on Friday 12th of April 2002 11:57:40 AM
Old 04-12-2002
Question Using a Sun Ultra 5 at work

I wouldn't call myself exactly new to Unix. I've played with Linux before so I can get around alright. I just have never really learned the basics, like setting a user's path. How do I do that on my Sun station? Obvioulsly, I've got several different bins, but I can only use the commands in /usr/bin because that's what my path is. How do I use the others?
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XCODE-SELECT(1) 					    BSD General Commands Manual 					   XCODE-SELECT(1)

xcode-select - Manages the active developer directory for Xcode and BSD tools. SYNOPSIS
xcode-select [-h|--help] [-s|--switch <path>] [-p|--print-path] [-v|--version] DESCRIPTION
xcode-select controls the location of the developer directory used by xcrun(1), xcodebuild(1), cc(1), and other Xcode and BSD development tools. This also controls the locations that are searched for by man(1) for developer tool manpages. This allows you to easily switch between different versions of the Xcode tools and can be used to update the path to the Xcode if it is moved after installation. Usage When multiple Xcode applications are installed on a system (e.g. /Applications/, containing the latest Xcode, and /Applica- tions/ containing a beta) use xcode-select --switch path/to/ to specify the Xcode that you wish to use for command line developer tools. After setting a developer directory, all of the xcode-select provided developer tool shims (see FILES) will automatically invoke the ver- sion of the tool inside the selected developer directory. Your own scripts, makefiles, and other tools can also use xcrun(1) to easily lookup tools inside the active developer directory, making it easy to switch them between different versions of the Xcode tools and allow- ing them to function properly on systems where the Xcode application has been installed to a non-default location. OPTIONS
-h, --help Prints the usage message. -s <path>, --switch <path> Sets the active developer directory to the given path, for example /Applications/ This command must be run with supe- ruser permissions (see sudo(8)), and will affect all users on the system. To set the path without superuser permissions or only for the current shell session, use the DEVELOPER_DIR environment variable instead (see ENVIRONMENT). -p, --print-path Prints the path to the currently selected developer directory. This is useful for inspection, but scripts and other tools should use xcrun(1) to locate tool inside the active developer directory. -r, --reset Unsets any user-specified developer directory, so that the developer directory will be found via the default search mechanism. This command must be run with superuser permissions (see sudo(8)), and will affect all users on the system. -v, --version Prints xcode-select version information. --install Opens a user interface dialog to request automatic installation of the command line developer tools. ENVIRONMENT
DEVELOPER_DIR Overrides the active developer directory. When DEVELOPER_DIR is set, its value will be used instead of the system-wide active developer directory. Note that for historical reason, the developer directory is considered to be the Developer content directory inside the Xcode applica- tion (for example /Applications/ You can set the environment variable to either the actual Developer con- tents directory, or the Xcode application directory -- the xcode-select provided shims will automatically convert the environment vari- able into the full Developer content path. EXAMPLES
xcode-select --switch /Applications/ Select /Applications/ as the active developer directory. xcode-select --switch /Applications/ As above, selects /Applications/ as the active developer directory. The Developer content directory is auto- matically inferred by xcode-select. /usr/bin/xcodebuild Runs xcodebuild out of the active developer directory. /usr/bin/xcrun --find xcodebuild Use xcrun to locate xcodebuild inside the active developer directory. env DEVELOPER_DIR="/Applications/" /usr/bin/xcodebuild Execute xcodebuild using an alternate developer directory. FILES
/usr/bin/xcrun Used to find or run arbitrary commands from the active developer directory. See xcrun(1) for more information. /usr/bin/actool /usr/bin/agvtool /usr/bin/desdp /usr/bin/genstrings /usr/bin/ibtool /usr/bin/ictool /usr/bin/instruments /usr/bin/iprofiler /usr/bin/opendiff /usr/bin/sdef /usr/bin/sdp /usr/bin/stapler /usr/bin/xcodebuild /usr/bin/xed Runs the matching Xcode tool from with the active developer directory. /usr/bin/BuildStrings /usr/bin/CpMac /usr/bin/DeRez /usr/bin/GetFileInfo /usr/bin/MergePef /usr/bin/MvMac /usr/bin/ResMerger /usr/bin/RezDet /usr/bin/RezWack /usr/bin/Rez /usr/bin/SetFile /usr/bin/SplitForks /usr/bin/UnRezWack /usr/bin/ar /usr/bin/as /usr/bin/asa /usr/bin/bison /usr/bin/c89 /usr/bin/c99 /usr/bin/clang++ /usr/bin/clang /usr/bin/cmpdylib /usr/bin/codesign_allocate /usr/bin/cpp /usr/bin/ctags /usr/bin/ctf_insert /usr/bin/dsymutil /usr/bin/dwarfdump /usr/bin/flex++ /usr/bin/flex /usr/bin/g++ /usr/bin/gatherheaderdoc /usr/bin/gcc /usr/bin/gcov /usr/bin/git-cvsserver /usr/bin/git-receive-pack /usr/bin/git-shell /usr/bin/git-upload-archive /usr/bin/git-upload-pack /usr/bin/git /usr/bin/gm4 /usr/bin/gnumake /usr/bin/gperf /usr/bin/hdxml2manxml /usr/bin/headerdoc2html /usr/bin/indent /usr/bin/install_name_tool /usr/bin/ld /usr/bin/lex /usr/bin/libtool /usr/bin/lipo /usr/bin/lldb /usr/bin/lorder /usr/bin/m4 /usr/bin/make /usr/bin/mig /usr/bin/mkdep /usr/bin/nasm /usr/bin/ndisasm /usr/bin/nm /usr/bin/nmedit /usr/bin/objdump /usr/bin/otool /usr/bin/pagestuff /usr/bin/ranlib /usr/bin/rebase /usr/bin/redo_prebinding /usr/bin/resolveLinks /usr/bin/rpcgen /usr/bin/segedit /usr/bin/size /usr/bin/strings /usr/bin/strip /usr/bin/svn /usr/bin/svnadmin /usr/bin/svndumpfilter /usr/bin/svnlook /usr/bin/svnserve /usr/bin/svnsync /usr/bin/svnversion /usr/bin/swift /usr/bin/swiftc /usr/bin/unifdef /usr/bin/unifdefall /usr/bin/xml2man /usr/bin/yacc Runs the matching BSD tool from with the active developer directory. SEE ALSO
xcrun(1), xcodebuild(1) HISTORY
The xcode-select command first appeared in Xcode 3.0. Mac OS X March 08, 2016 XCODE-SELECT(1)

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