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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users Veritas File Manager or any File Managing Utility??? Post 19262 by Kelam_Magnus on Monday 8th of April 2002 03:42:37 PM
Old 04-08-2002
Veritas Filesystem and Volume Manager tools are very cool. You can do everything while the system is online. I wouldn't recommend doing work at peak work times, but you could if you had to.

Filemanager is a very good tool although I don't have any experience with it. But if I go based on my other experience with Veritas, it should be an awesome tool.

HPUX has an LVM tool that is a stripped down version of the Veritas volume manager, but they use the VXFS filesystem format.

Hands Down Veritas is the best one that I know. Also, the NetBackup tool they have is in use Enterprise wide by my major telecommunicationscompany employer in all 13 states in which we operate!


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dxlicenses(8)						      System Manager's Manual						     dxlicenses(8)

dxlicenses - Adds, lists, issues, and deletes software product licenses SYNOPSIS
/usr/bin/X11/dxlicenses DESCRIPTION
When you buy software, the vendor from which you purchase the software issues an agreement called a license, which gives you authorization to use the product. Most of the information required by the License Manager can be found on the Product Authorization Key (PAK), which is issued by Compaq when you purchase a software license. Use the License Manager application, dxlicenses, to: Add a licensed software product Modify a licensed software product List a licensed software product Issue a modified license product Delete a licensed software product The License Manager application can be invoked from the CDE Application Manager from the following categories: Application Group: System_Admin System Admin Subgroup: Daily Admin In License Manager, online help is available by clicking on any Help button or by using the Help pull-down menu. FILES
The License Manager application executable file The License Manager help volume The Directory containing License Manager application icons The License Manager defaults file that sets the default values for the X resources SEE ALSO
Commands: lmf(8), lmfsetup(8) Software License Management dxlicenses(8)

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