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Check the path to your game. It looks like it is trying to run in the current directory. Unless of course you are in the installed game directory when you do ./gamename.

It looks like a file "libSDL-1.1.so.0 " is not found. You might need to remove and reload the game.


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Module::Build::SDL(3pm) 				User Contributed Perl Documentation				   Module::Build::SDL(3pm)

Module::Build::SDL - Module::Build subclass for building SDL apps/games [not stable yet] SYNOPSIS
When creating a new SDL application/game you can create Build.PL like this: use Module::Build::SDL; my $builder = Module::Build::SDL->new( module_name => 'Games::Demo', dist_version => '1.00', dist_abstract => 'Demo game based on Module::Build::SDL', dist_author => 'coder@cpan.org', license => 'perl', requires => { 'SDL' => 0, }, #+ others Module::Build options )->create_build_script(); Once you have created a SDL application/game via Module::Build::SDL as described above you can use some extra build targets/actions: o you can create a PAR distribution like: $ perl ./Build.PL $ ./Build $ ./Build par There are some extra parameters related to 'par' action you can pass to Module::Build::SDL->new(): parinput => 'bin/scriptname.pl' paroutput => 'filename.par.exe', parlibs => [ qw/SDL SDL_main SDL_gfx/ ], #external libraries (.so/.dll) to be included into PAR parmods => [ qw/Module::A Module::B/ ], #extra modules to be included into PAR o to run the game from distribution directory you can use: $ perl ./Build.PL $ ./Build $ ./Build run o TODO: maybe some additional actions: parexe, parmsi, deb, rpm DESCRIPTION
Module::Build::SDL is a subclass of Module::Build created to make easy some tasks specific to SDL applications - e.g. packaging SDL application/game into PAR archive. APPLICATION
/GAME LAYOUT Module::Build::SDL expects the following layout in project directory: #example: game with the main *.pl script + data files + modules (*.pm) Build.PL lib/ Games/ Demo.pm bin/ game-script.pl data/ whatever_data_files_you_need.jpg the most simple game should look like: #example: simple one-script apllication/game Build.PL bin/ game-script.pl In short - there are 3 expected subdirectories: o bin - one or more perl scripts (*.pl) to start the actual application/game o lib - application/game specific modules (*.pm) organized in dir structure in "usual perl manners" o data - directory for storing application data (pictures, sounds etc.). This subdirectory is handled as a "ShareDir" (see File::ShareDir for more details) o As the project is (or could be) composed as a standard perl distribution it also support standard subdirectory 't' (with tests). RULES TO FOLLOW
When creating a SDL application/game based on Module::Build::SDL it is recommended to follow these rules: o Use the name for your game from Games::* namespace; it will make the later release to CPAN much easier. o Put all data files into data subdirectory and access the data subdir only via File::ShareDir (namely by calling distdir() function) o TODO: maybe add more perl v5.14.2 2012-05-28 Module::Build::SDL(3pm)

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