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Full Discussion: not able to log in as root
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers not able to log in as root Post 18889 by termiEEE on Thursday 4th of April 2002 03:01:31 AM
Old 04-04-2002
not able to log in as root

FreeBSD 4.5 (yeah i'm not giving it up)
i installed it on another compaq (I know but it's all they're willing to give to me) and during the first attempt to install it crashed, kept on his 9%. Rebooted and ran install again and when it finished i wanted to log in as root and it returned me over and over again the startup screen (core dump was the error message). I could log in as a user i made extra during the install.
I guess some things went wrong during the install and i bet it's because of a crappy cdromreader which has problems with my clonecd of FreeBSD.
But how comes that i can could log in as a regular user and not as root? (damn forgot to try SU Smilie).

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