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Full Discussion: Tracing a terminal
Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users Tracing a terminal Post 18828 by alex blanco on Wednesday 3rd of April 2002 01:05:42 PM
Old 04-03-2002
Tracing a terminal

Hi you all, any of you know how to monitor what is going on in another terminal?
I mean if somebody will install an application on my server remotely and I want to "watch" what he is doing. I remember that some one use the "audit" command but now I just can't remember.

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apachetop(1)							   USER COMMANDS						      apachetop(1)

apachetop - display real-time web server statistics SYNOPSIS
apachetop [-f filename] [-H hits | -T time] [-q] [-l] [-s segments] [-p] [-r secs] DESCRIPTION
ApacheTop watches a logfile generated by Apache (in standard common or combined logformat, and generates human-parsable output in realtime. OPTIONS
-f logfile Select which file to watch. Specify this option multiple times to watch multiple files. -H hits | -T time These options are mutually exclusive. Specify only one, if any at all. They work as follows. ApacheTop maintains a table of informa- tion internally containing all the relevant information about the hits it's seen. This table can only be a finite size, so you need to decide how big it's going to be. You have two options. You can either: Use -H to say "remember <this many> hits" or Use -T to say "remember all hits in <this many> seconds" The default (at the moment) is to remember hits for 30 seconds. Setting this too large (whichever option you choose) will cause ApacheTop to use more memory and more CPU time. My experimentation finds that remem- bering no more than around 5000 requests works well. -q Instructs ApacheTop to keep the querystrings, not remove them. -l Instructs ApacheTop to lowercase all URLs, thus /FOO and /foo are treated as the same and accumulate the same statistics. -s segments Instructs ApacheTop to only keep the first <segments> parts of the path. Trailing slashes are kept if present. Statistics are then merged for each truncated url. -p Instructs ApacheTop to keep the protocol (http:// usually) at the front of its' referrer strings. Normal behaviour is to remove them to give more room to more useful information. -r secs Set default refresh delay, in seconds. EXAMPLES
apachetop -f /var/logs/httpd/access.log AUTHOR
Chris Elsworth <> SEE ALSO version 0.10 February 13, 2004 apachetop(1)

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