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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers stack problem Post 18730 by Kelam_Magnus on Tuesday 2nd of April 2002 02:59:55 PM
Old 04-02-2002
Homework problem???

Obvious homework questions. I have reviewed your posts and all of them show classic homework type questions.

Please read the FAQs on the www.unix.com home page.

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BTRACEBACK(1)					     Network backup, recovery and verification					     BTRACEBACK(1)

btraceback - wrapper script around gdb and bsmtp SYNOPSIS
btraceback /path/to/binary pid DESCRIPTION
btraceback is a wrapper shell script around the gdb debugger (or dbx on Solaris systems) and bsmtp, provided for debugging purposes. USAGE
btraceback is called by the exception handlers of the Bacula daemons during a crash. It can also be called interactively to view the cur- rent state of the threads belonging to a process, but this is not recommended unless you are trying to debug a problem (see below). NOTES
In order to work properly, debugging symbols must be available to the debugger on the system, and gdb, or dbx (on Solaris systems) must be available in the $PATH. If the Director or Storage daemon runs under a non-root uid, you will probably need to be modify the btraceback script to elevate privi- leges for the call to gdb/dbx, to ensure it has the proper permissions to debug when called by the daemon. Although Bacula's use of btraceback within its exception handlers is always safe, manual or interactive use of btraceback is subject to the same risks than live debugging of any program, which means it could cause Bacula to crash under rare and abnormal circumstances. Conse- quently we do not recommend manual use of btraceback in production environments unless it is required for debugging a problem. ENVIRONMENT
btracback relies on $PATH to find the debugger. FILES
/usr/lib/bacula/btraceback The script itself. /usr/sbin/btraceback symbolic link to /usr/lib/bacula/btraceback /etc/bacula/scripts/btraceback.gdb the GDB command batch used to output a stack trace AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Lucas B. Cohen <lbc@members.fsf.org> SEE ALSO
bsmtp(1) Kern Sibbald 6 December 2009 BTRACEBACK(1)

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