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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers stack problem Post 18714 by Jimbo on Tuesday 2nd of April 2002 09:53:45 AM
Old 04-02-2002
I understand this will return the final character of the $file variable.
Just to be clear, we are talking about returning the first or final character of a file, and does not matter if it is referenced by actual name or the filename is contained in a variable. Returning portions of what is currently held in a variable is very common, but I think not what we want here.

OK, so head -1 myfile gets you the first line. Now pipe that into a command that will cut the first column out. But if the first line is empty, this solution results in null:
char1=`head -1 myfile | cut -c1`
echo "first character is $char1"


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doctoc_intro(n) 						Documentation tools						   doctoc_intro(n)


doctoc_intro - doctoc introduction DESCRIPTION
doctoc (short for documentation tables of contents) stands for a set of related, yet different, entities which are working together for the easy creation and transformation of tables of contents for documentation. These are [1] A tcl based language for the semantic markup of a table of contents. Markup is represented by Tcl commands. [2] A package providing the ability to read and transform texts written in that markup language. It is important to note that the actual transformation of the input text is delegated to plugins. [3] An API describing the interface between the package above and a plugin. Which of the more detailed documents are relevant to the reader of this introduction depends on their role in the documentation process. [1] A writer of documentation has to understand the markup language itself. A beginner to doctoc should read the more informally written doctoc language introduction first. Having digested this the formal doctoc language syntax specification should become understand- able. A writer experienced with doctoc may only need the doctoc language command reference from time to time to refresh her memory. While a document is written the dtp application can be used to validate it, and after completion it also performs the conversion into the chosen system of visual markup, be it *roff, HTML, plain text, wiki, etc. The simpler dtplite application makes internal use of doctoc when handling directories of documentation, automatically generating a proper table of contents for them. [2] A processor of documentation written in the doctoc markup language has to know which tools are available for use. The main tool is the aforementioned dtp application provided by Tcllib. The simpler dtplite does not expose doctoc to the user. At the bottom level, common to both applications, however sits the package doctoools::toc, providing the basic facilities to read and process files containing text in the doctoc format. [3] At last, but not least, plugin writers have to understand the interaction between the doctools::toc package and its plugins, as described in the doctoc plugin API reference. RELATED FORMATS
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docidx_intro, doctoc_lang_cmdref, doctoc_lang_faq, doctoc_lang_intro, doctoc_lang_syntax, doctoc_plugin_apiref, doctools::toc, doc- tools_intro KEYWORDS
markup, semantic markup, table of contents, toc CATEGORY
Documentation tools COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2007 Andreas Kupries <andreas_kupries@users.sourceforge.net> doctools 1.0 doctoc_intro(n)

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