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Full Discussion: Veritas NetBackup
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Veritas NetBackup Post 18562 by TRUEST on Saturday 30th of March 2002 09:21:23 AM
Old 03-30-2002
Veritas NetBackup Question????????

Veritas NetBackup, how does it work?? I mean, I know it is used for backups and restores but really, can anybody give me a brief or any explanation that sums up basically what it is about besides the fact that it does backups and restores??? Please, if you have any information, I would appreciate it if you elaborated on it and tell me how convenient you find it as your backup program.


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Veritas Netbackup Agent Running

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vxvmconvert(1M) 														   vxvmconvert(1M)

vxvmconvert - convert LVM volume groups to VxVM disk groups SYNOPSIS
vxvmconvert DESCRIPTION
vxvmconvert is a menu-driven program to convert an HP Logical Volume Manger (LVM) configuration to a Veritas Volume Manager configuration. This man page is a brief overview of vxvmconvert. Refer to the Veritas Volume Manager Migration Guide for a detailed description before using the conversion procedure. The vxvmconvert script is interactive and prompts you for responses, supplying defaults where appropriate. There is a Help facility at every prompt. Enter a question mark (?) at a prompt to display a context-sensitive help message. With vxvmconvert you can identify LVM volume groups, list disks, analyze volume groups for conversion and complete the conversion of LVM volume groups to VxVM disk groups. LVM configurations are converted at the volume group level. All disks used in a volume group are converted together. You cannot use vxvm- convert to convert unused LVM disks (those not part of an LVM volume group) to VxVM disks. To convert unused LVM disks, use pvremove to take the disk out of LVM control, then initialize the disk for VxVM use by using vxdiskadm (see pvremove(1M) and vxdiskadm(1M) for more information). vxvmconvert changes disks within LVM volume groups to VxVM disks by replacing the areas of the disks used for LVM configuration information and with the equivalent VxVM volume configuration information. Portions of the disks used for user data, such as file systems and data- bases, are not affected by the conversion. The conversion process changes the names by which your system refers to the logical storage, so must be done offline. No applications can access data in the volume groups undergoing conversion. You must unmount file systems using those volumes and shut down any applications, such as databases, that might use the volumes directly. OPERATIONS
Analyze LVM Volume Groups for Conversion Use this operation to analyze one or more LVM volume groups for conversion to use by VxVM. The analysis checks for problems that can prevent the conversion from completing successfully. It calculates the space required to add volume group disks to a Volume Manager disk group. More than one volume group may be entered at the prompt. A grep-like pattern may be used to select multiple volume groups. See the ``Limitations in Conversion'' section in the Volume Manager Migration Guide for more information. Convert LVM Volume Groups to VxVM Converts one or more LVM volume groups to one or more VxVM disk groups. This adds the disks to a VxVM disk group and replaces existing LVM volumes with VxVM volumes. vxvmconvert prompts you to name the VxVM disk group that replaces the LVM volume group being converted. A default is suggested at the prompt. For example, if you are converting a volume group vg08, vxvmconvert renames it as dg08. See to the sections ``Dealing with New Logical Volume Names'' and ``Tailoring your VxVM Configuration'' in the Volume Manager Migration Guide for more information. Rollback from VxVM to LVM Rollback reverts VxVM disk groups to LVM volume groups. vxvmconvert provides a limited snapshot capability for the LVM metadata in a converted volume group. A snapshot is a simple protection method to use during conversion. Caution! Do not use this operation if the VxVM disk group was modified since the conversion. See to the section ``Restoring LVM Volume Groups and Disaster Recovery'' in the Volume Manager Migration Guide for more informa- tion. List Disk Information Displays information about the disks on a system. You can obtain detailed information about a disk by entering a specific disk device address. List LVM Volume Group Information Listvg displays a list of LVM volume groups. You can obtain detailed information about an LVM volume group at a specific disk device address. SEE ALSO
pvremove(1M), vgcfgbackup(1M), vgrestore(1M), vxdisk(1M), vxdiskadd(1M), vxdiskadm(1M), vxintro(1M) Veritas Volume Manager Migration Guide VxVM 24 Mar 2008 vxvmconvert(1M)

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