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Full Discussion: Freebsd 4.5
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Freebsd 4.5 Post 18512 by Mindscan on Friday 29th of March 2002 06:11:25 AM
Old 03-29-2002
Question Freebsd 4.5

i am new at unix and am VERY confused about the compression processes. what progs do i need to unzip and zip files? there must be a standard one similar to winzip?

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FUNZIP(1)						      General Commands Manual							 FUNZIP(1)

funzip - filter for extracting from a ZIP archive in a pipe SYNOPSIS
funzip [-password] [input[.zip|.gz]] ARGUMENTS
[-password] Optional password to be used if ZIP archive is encrypted. Decryption may not be supported at some sites. See DESCRIPTION for more details. [input[.zip|.gz]] Optional input archive file specification. See DESCRIPTION for details. DESCRIPTION
funzip without a file argument acts as a filter; that is, it assumes that a ZIP archive (or a gzip'd(1) file) is being piped into standard input, and it extracts the first member from the archive to stdout. When stdin comes from a tty device, funzip assumes that this cannot be a stream of (binary) compressed data and shows a short help text, instead. If there is a file argument, then input is read from the speci- fied file instead of from stdin. A password for encrypted zip files can be specified on the command line (preceding the file name, if any) by prefixing the password with a dash. Note that this constitutes a security risk on many systems; currently running processes are often visible via simple commands (e.g., ps(1) under Unix), and command-line histories can be read. If the first entry of the zip file is encrypted and no password is specified on the command line, then the user is prompted for a password and the password is not echoed on the console. Given the limitation on single-member extraction, funzip is most useful in conjunction with a secondary archiver program such as tar(1). The following section includes an example illustrating this usage in the case of disk backups to tape. EXAMPLES
To use funzip to extract the first member file of the archive test.zip and to pipe it into more(1): funzip test.zip | more To use funzip to test the first member file of test.zip (any errors will be reported on standard error): funzip test.zip > /dev/null To use zip and funzip in place of compress(1) and zcat(1) (or gzip(1) and gzcat(1)) for tape backups: tar cf - . | zip -7 | dd of=/dev/nrst0 obs=8k dd if=/dev/nrst0 ibs=8k | funzip | tar xf - (where, for example, nrst0 is a SCSI tape drive). BUGS
When piping an encrypted file into more and allowing funzip to prompt for password, the terminal may sometimes be reset to a non-echo mode. This is apparently due to a race condition between the two programs; funzip changes the terminal mode to non-echo before more reads its state, and more then ``restores'' the terminal to this mode before exiting. To recover, run funzip on the same file but redirect to /dev/null rather than piping into more; after prompting again for the password, funzip will reset the terminal properly. There is presently no way to extract any member but the first from a ZIP archive. This would be useful in the case where a ZIP archive is included within another archive. In the case where the first member is a directory, funzip simply creates the directory and exits. The functionality of funzip should be incorporated into unzip itself (future release). SEE ALSO
gzip(1), unzip(1), unzipsfx(1), zip(1), zipcloak(1), zipinfo(1), zipnote(1), zipsplit(1) URL
The Info-ZIP home page is currently at http://www.info-zip.org/pub/infozip/ or ftp://ftp.info-zip.org/pub/infozip/ . AUTHOR
Mark Adler (Info-ZIP) Info-ZIP 20 April 2009 (v3.95) FUNZIP(1)

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