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Full Discussion: Vulnerability Alerts
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Vulnerability Alerts Post 18460 by kmgrady01 on Thursday 28th of March 2002 02:41:42 PM
Old 03-28-2002
Vulnerability Alerts

Aside from CERT, are there any additional sources for unix/linux vulnerabilities?

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1. Solaris


Is there a imbedded command (Solaris v8 ksh) that will send an administrative alert/alarm. Or is it just triggering a mail message via shell script? If no, is there a good open-source code someone knows about? Thanks so much in advance for any replies. ...Gozer13 (3 Replies)
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2. IP Networking

Email Alerts

Dear Network Masters, I want to know who brought up the concept of Email Alerts Feature. are their any RFC's on Email Alerts???? Please let me know. Thanks in Adv, meti (1 Reply)
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3. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

Nagios Alerts Issue

Hi, I had installed Nagios on RHEL5.0 for Server Monitoring and configured the email alerts. Presently i am able to get the alerts of the c drive space,ftp,http services, But when the host goes down I dont get any alert saying that the Host is down or Host is Up. Request you to please help me... (4 Replies)
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4. Solaris

sms alerts

how to configure sms alerts in SUN SPARC servers to notify file system , cpu, memory and disk errors. (2 Replies)
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5. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

Email Alerts

hi I am running so scripts that clean up empty folders on our servers once a week. I run from a cron. But what i would like to do is add a email notfication so i can be notified that it completed. The script is #Clean Empty Folders on Studio Share perl... (1 Reply)
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6. Shell Programming and Scripting

df -k Alerts

Hi - I would like to send an e-mail alerts if in the output below capacity reaches to 80% and 90% df -k /d500/oracle /d905/oracle /d805/oracle /d705/oracle Filesystem kbytes used avail capacity Mounted on /dev/vx/dsk/abcde_raid5_db/d500 52428800... (1 Reply)
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7. AIX

Showing login alerts.

Hello all, i need to set some kind of config to display a message on prompt when a user account is locked, i mean i need to inform to the user that he cannot login because account is locked, somehow change the common: Permission denied, please try again. message for "your user account has... (2 Replies)
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8. UNIX and Linux Applications


Hi Guys, Would anyone know how to fix this message appearing on the server logs. "Failed to decode arguments for NFS version 3 procedure RFS3_LOOKUP client" NFS server is set to use ver3 for client/server and on the NFS clients all mounted FS are using ver3. but we are still getting the... (0 Replies)
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9. Shell Programming and Scripting

Disk full alerts

i want to create 1 script to monitor 1 particular filesystem out of the diferent filesystems. if disk space of that particular filesystem increases by 80% it sends an alert mail to an email id ---------- Post updated at 04:18 PM ---------- Previous update was at 04:17 PM ---------- no. I am... (1 Reply)
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10. Shell Programming and Scripting

False alerts

Hi I have written a script to send email alerts when load of my linux server reaches max point I keep getting false emails thought the load is normal , looks like same email is generated again and again - called from cron tab checked if the tempfile is present , no it is not , cleaned... (22 Replies)
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MODERATORS(5)							File Formats Manual						     MODERATORS(5)

moderators - mail addresses for moderated Usenet newsgroups DESCRIPTION
The GetModeratorAddress(3) routine reads the file /etc/news/moderators to determine how to reach the moderator of a newsgroup. This is used by inews(1) when an unapproved local posting is made to a moderated newsgroup. The file is read until a match is found. Blank lines and lines starting with a number sign (``#'') are ignored. All other lines should consist of two fields separated by a colon. The first field is a wildmat(3)-style pattern. If it matches the name of the newsgroup, then the second field is taken to be a format string for sprintf(3). This string should have at most one %s parameter, which will be given the name of the newsgroup with periods transliterated to dashes. Here is a sample file: foo.important:announce-request@foo.com foo.*:%s@mailer.foo.com gnu.*:%s@prep.ai.mit.edu *:%s@uunet.uu.net Using the above file, postings to the moderated newsgroup in the left column will be sent to the address shown in the right column: foo.important announce-request@foo.com foo.x.announce foo-x-announce@mailer.foo.com gnu.emacs.sources gnu-emacs-sources@prep.ai.mit.edu comp.sources.unix comp-sources-unix@uunet.uu.net HISTORY
Written by Rich $alz <rsalz@uunet.uu.net> for InterNetNews. This is revision 1.15, dated 1996/09/06. SEE ALSO
inews(1), inn.conf(5), libinn(3), wildmat(3). MODERATORS(5)

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