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Full Discussion: Cut, Copy and Paste with X
Special Forums UNIX Desktop Questions & Answers Cut, Copy and Paste with X Post 18311 by auswipe on Wednesday 27th of March 2002 12:09:15 AM
Old 03-27-2002
I have found the mouse support for cut, copy and paste to be spotty but it seems to work for the most part. There are some more modern apps that support the ^C/^V/^X of Win32.

For example, I can copy with ^C from gnumeric and ^V paste into StarOffice, etc. Star Office didn't like the middle button for paste. When I hit the middle button, it allows me to use the mouse to scroll positions.

Xterm brought up various menu options with the middle button instead of paste; But pasting can be done via the menu.

I was able to use both the mouse and ^C/^V/^X in Opera for cut and paste operations. I reckon it is just a trial and error process. But now I have an idea of what to try when I need to cut and paste from one app into another (and that's important stuff!)

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