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Full Discussion: purge xterm
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers purge xterm Post 18286 by noobie_doo on Tuesday 26th of March 2002 03:18:17 PM
Old 03-26-2002
purge xterm

Being new I had my focus in the wrong place and typed in xterm instead of <If you can't guess, good>.

Can I purge xterm so that this word no longer appears using up or down arrows?

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XRLOGIN(1)						      General Commands Manual							XRLOGIN(1)

xrlogin - start an xterm that uses ssh (or optionally rlogin or telnet) to connect to a remote host SYNOPSIS
xrlogin [-l username] [-rlogin|-telnet] [xterm options] remote-host DESCRIPTION
Xrlogin opens an xterm window and runs ssh, rlogin or telnet to login to a remote host. Xrlogin automatically passes the -name argument to xterm with a value of "xterm-hostname" where hostname is the name of the remote host. This allows the user to specify resources in their server's resource manager which are specific to xterms from a given host. For example, this feature can be used to make all xterm windows to a given remote host be the same color or use a specific font or start up in a spe- cific place on the screen. Xrsh(1) passes the same string so they are compatible in this regard. Xrlogin specifies that the default title for the new xterm will be "hostname" where hostname is the name of the remote host. This and the -name argument above can be overridden with xterm-options on the command line. One could also use xrlogin's sister command xrsh(1) to open a window to a remote host. In the case of xrsh, the xterm would run on the remote host and use X as the connection protocol while xrlogin would run the xterm on the local host and use rlogin or telnet as the con- nection protocol. See xrsh(1) for a discussion of the merits of each scheme. OPTIONS
-l username When not using -telnet, use username as the id to login to the remote host. -rlogin Use the rlogin protocol to open the connection. In general rlogin is preferred because it can be configured to not prompt the user for a password. Rlogin also automatically propagates window size change signals (SIGWINCH) to the remote host so that applications running there will learn of a new window size. -telnet Use the -telnet protocol to open the connection. Use of telnet provided mostly for hosts that don't support rlogin. COMMON PROBLEMS
Make sure that the local host is specified in the .rhosts file on the remote host or in the remote hosts /etc/hosts.equiv file. See rlogin(1) for more information. EXAMPLES
xrlogin -bg red yoda Start a local red xterm which connects to the remote host yoda using rlogin. xrlogin -telnet c70 Open a local xterm which connects to the remote host c70 using telnet. SEE ALSO
xrsh(1), rlogin(1), telnet(1) AUTHOR
James J. Dempsey <jjd@jjd.com> and Stephen Gildea <gildea@intouchsys.com>. X Version 11 Release 6 XRLOGIN(1)

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