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Contact Us Post Here to Contact Site Administrators and Moderators profile signature Post 1821 by Neo on Saturday 31st of March 2001 01:31:25 PM
Old 03-31-2001
We turned off signatures to increase efficiency. Also, some of the signatures could have been interpreted incorrectly by people with different views, so we decided to keep the 'signature space' flat. That way, no one is offended, which is a good thing since the purpose of the forums at UNIX.COM is to share technical information. The less distractions the better. Please let me know if this is a problem via email and I'll weigh in the opinions.

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MHPARAM(1)							     [nmh-1.5]								MHPARAM(1)

mhparam - print nmh profile and context components SYNOPSIS
mhparam [components] [-all] [-component | -nocomponent] [-version] [-help] DESCRIPTION
mhparam writes the value of the specified profile component to the standard output separated by newlines. If the profile component is not present, the default value (or nothing if there is no default) is printed. If the switch -component is given, then the component name is displayed along with the profile components value. This can be disabled with the switch -nocomponent. If more than one component is specified in the components list, then the switch -component is on by default. If only one component is specified, then the switch -nocomponent is on by default. If -all is specified, then all components in the nmh profile are displayed and other arguments are ignored. Examples: % mhparam path Mail % mhparam mhlproc /usr/lib/mh/mhl % mhparam -component Path Path: Mail % mhparam AliasFile rmmproc AliasFile: aliases rmmproc: rmmproc % mhparam -nocomponent AliasFile rmmproc aliases rmmproc % mhparam path nonexistent context Path: Mail context: context mhparam is also useful in back-quoted operations: % fgrep cornell.edu `mhpath +`/`mhparam aliasfile` EXIT STATUS
mhparam returns the number of components that were not found. FILES
$HOME/.mh_profile The user profile or $MH Rather than the standard profile <mh-dir>/context The user context or $MHCONTEXT Rather than the standard context PROFILE COMPONENTS
context: To determine the context file SEE ALSO
mh-profile(5) DEFAULTS
`-nocomponent' if only one component is specified `-component' if more than one component is specified `components' defaults to none CONTEXT
None MH.6.8 11 June 2012 MHPARAM(1)

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