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Sorry, I don't have a SCO box to play with so it took a while.

Found the following at http://pcunix.com/SCOFAQ/scotec2.html#disabled

When a user tries to log in, they get "Account is disabled -- see Account Administrator"
The account has been locked.

As root, run

passwd -u username

You can lock an account with "passwd -l".

Locking and unlocking can also be done through the Scoadmin Account Manager under "Login Controls".
w2kusers.deny(4)					     Kernel Interfaces Manual						  w2kusers.deny(4)

w2kusers.deny - Authentication file for Windows 2000 Single Sign On. SYNOPSIS
# Comment account_name DESCRIPTION
The w2kusers.deny is a text file containing a list of user account names. When an account is included in this file, the Windows 2000 Sin- gle Sign-On software verifies only the UNIX authentication for the named account. To add user accounts to the file, use a text editor to enter the user's UNIX account name. The following syntax rules apply to the w2kusers.deny file: Only one user name can be entered on a line. The user name must exactly match a user name in the UNIX /etc/passwd file. Comment lines begin with a pound sign (#). EXAMPLES
The following example shows a typical w2kusers.deny file: # The following file lists account names that are not allowed to use # the Win- dows 2000 authentication information when it is enabled. # Account names must match exactly the user account name in the # /etc/passwd file. # # Syntax: account_1 # . # . # . # account_n # root nobody nobodyV daemon bin uucp uucpa auth cron lp tcb adm ris wnn pop imap Peter Dave Beth Martha FILES
Location of the file. RELATED INFORMATION
Commands: ldapcd(8), lw2ksetup(8) Files: etc/w2kusers.deny(4) Windows 2000 Single Sign-OnInstallation and Administration Guide. delim off delim off w2kusers.deny(4)

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