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Full Discussion: Need help with VI
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Need help with VI Post 18170 by Jubba on Monday 25th of March 2002 11:10:46 AM
Old 03-25-2002
Need help with VI

Quickly, could someone explain how to cut and paste text using VI text editor?
App::Nopaste::Service(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				App::Nopaste::Service(3pm)

App::Nopaste::Service - base class for nopaste services SYNOPSIS
package App::Nopaste::Service::Shadowcat; use base 'App::Nopaste::Service'; sub uri { "" } DESCRIPTION
"App::Nopaste::Service" defines a generic interface for uploading to nopaste sites. It provides a default interface to that of the POE Pastebot. METHODS
nopaste This is the outermost method called by App::Nopaste and other clients. You should not override this method, as it will (XXX: eventually) perform canonicalization of arguments (such as "lang") for you. run args -> (OK, message) This is the outermost method you should override. You'll be passed a hash of arguments. The only arguments you should pay attention to are: text The body of text to paste. desc A short (one-line) summary of the paste. nick The name of the person performing the paste. chan The IRC channel to which the paste belongs. lang The programming language of the body of text. private If false, the paste will be public (default). get mech, args This should "get" the form to paste using the provided WWW::Mechanize object. By default it does just that. See "uri" below. uri If you only need to call "mech->get(uri)" then you may define this method to provide the URI of the nopaste service. fill_form mech, args This should have the WWW::Mechanize fill in the form using the arguments, and submit it. return mech, args This should look at "WWW::Mechanize->content" to find the URI to the pasted text. AUTHOR
Shawn M Moore, "<sartak at>" perl v5.14.2 2011-08-22 App::Nopaste::Service(3pm)

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