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Full Discussion: math.h not working? o.0
Top Forums Programming math.h not working? o.0 Post 18122 by heljy on Sunday 24th of March 2002 08:23:00 PM
Old 03-24-2002
Yes you need to add "-lm"

That is to link the math library when linking your program
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exp2d64(3M)															       exp2d64(3M)

exp2d64(), exp2d128(), exp2d32() - base-2 decimal exponential functions SYNOPSIS
returns is a version of it takes a argument and returns a result. is a version of it takes a argument and returns a result. These math functions are supported for HP-UX 11i Version 3 September 2008 Update and forward. USAGE
To use any of these functions, compile with the option. Make sure your program defines and then includes Link in the math library by specifying or on the linking command line. For more information, see the at the following site: RETURN VALUE
returns 1. If x is +infinity, returns +infinity. If x is -infinity, returns +0. If x is NaN, returns NaN. returns +infinity (or, in some non-default rounding direction modes, the maximum finite number) in lieu of a value whose magnitude is too large, and raises the overflow and inexact exceptions. raises the underflow exception whenever a result is tiny (essentially subnormal or zero) and inexact. raises the inexact exception whenever a rounded result does not equal the mathematical result. ERRORS
If the correct value would overflow, sets to SEE ALSO
cbrtd64(3M), exp10d64(3M), expd64(3M), expm1d64(3M), log2d64(3M), powd64(3M), sqrtd64(3M), math(5). STANDARDS CONFORMANCE
These functions conform to ISO/IEC TR 24732, "Extension for the programming language C to support decimal floating-point arithmetic". HP Integrity Server Only exp2d64(3M)

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