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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers nvram reset or crack password Post 16536 by talroze on Monday 4th of March 2002 05:24:56 AM
Old 03-04-2002
tnx 4 the help...

thanks for your help but...
unfortunetly this is a SUN NETRA and i can not see any battery or nvram at this mother board [its not white as usualy the nvram is on the pc's or the sparc4u i have here]

if you do know where the eeprom/nvram/bios is on these machines please let me know .
and once again thanks for your help.Smilie

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ipa-replica-conncheck(1)					 IPA Manual Pages					  ipa-replica-conncheck(1)

ipa-replica-conncheck - Check a replica-master network connection before installation SYNOPSIS
ipa-replica-conncheck [OPTION]... DESCRIPTION
When an IPA replica is being installed a network connection between a replica machine and a replicated IPA master machine has to be pre- pared for master-replica communication. In case of a flawed connection the installation may fail with inconvenient error messages. A common connection problem is a misconfigured firewall with closed required port on a replica or master machine. The connection is checked by running a set of tests from both master and replica machines. The program is incorporated to ipa-replica-install(1) but can be also run separately. OPTIONS
REPLICA MACHINE OPTIONS This set of options is used when the connection check is run on a prepared IPA replica machine. -m MASTER, --master=MASTER Remote master machine address -a, --auto-master-check Automatically log in to master machine and execute the master machine part of the connection check. The following options for replica part are only evaluated when this option is set -r REALM, --realm=REALM The Kerberos realm name for the IPA server -k KDC, --kdc=KDC KDC server address. Defaults t MASTER -p PRINCIPAL, --principal=PRINCIPAL Authorized Kerberos principal to use to log in to master machine. Defaults to admin -w PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD Password for given principal. The password will be prompted interactively when this option is missing MASTER MACHINE OPTIONS This set of options is used when the connection check is run on a master machine against a running ipa-replica-conncheck(1) on a replica machine. -R REPLICA, --replica=REPLICA Remote replica machine address COMMON OPTIONS -c, --check-ca Include in a check also a set of dogtag connection requirements. Only needed when the master was installed with Dogtag 9 or lower. -h HOSTNAME, --hostname=HOSTNAME The hostname of this server (FQDN). By default a nodename from uname(2) is used -d, --debug Print debugging information -q, --quiet Output only errors EXAMPLES
ipa-replica-conncheck -m master.example.com Run a replica machine connection check against a remote master master.example.com. If the connection to the remote master machine is successful the program will switch to listening mode and prompt for running the master machine part. The second part check the con- nection from master to replica. ipa-replica-conncheck -R replica.example.com Run a master machine connection check part. This is either run automatically by replica part of the connection check program (when -a option is set) or manually by the user. A running ipa-replica-conncheck(1) in a listening mode must be already running on a replica machine. ipa-replica-conncheck -m master.example.com -a -r EXAMPLE.COM -w password Run a replica-master connection check. In case of a success switch to listening mode, automatically log to master.example.com in a realm EXAMPLE.COM with a password password and run the second part of the connection check. EXIT STATUS
0 if the connection check was successful 1 if an error occurred SEE ALSO
ipa-replica-install(1) IPA
Jun 2 2011 ipa-replica-conncheck(1)

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