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Top Forums Programming File * Post 16398 by nimnod on Friday 1st of March 2002 03:35:57 AM
Old 03-01-2002
File *

Can anyone tell me how to refresh the content of a FILE *, so that without reopening you can read its modyfied contents? I was adviced to make the FILE * unbuffered, so I did using setvbuff(), everything compiled smoothly, but it just didnt refresh the file, after it was opened. What should I do? Are any other related functions?
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XREFRESH(1)						      General Commands Manual						       XREFRESH(1)

xrefresh - refresh all or part of an X screen SYNOPSIS
xrefresh [-option ...] DESCRIPTION
Xrefresh is a simple X program that causes all or part of your screen to be repainted. This is useful when system messages have messed up your screen. Xrefresh maps a window on top of the desired area of the screen and then immediately unmaps it, causing refresh events to be sent to all applications. By default, a window with no background is used, causing all applications to repaint ``smoothly.'' However, the various options can be used to indicate that a solid background (of any color) or the root window background should be used instead. ARGUMENTS
-white Use a white background. The screen just appears to flash quickly, and then repaint. -black Use a black background (in effect, turning off all of the electron guns to the tube). This can be somewhat disorienting as everything goes black for a moment. -solid color Use a solid background of the specified color. Try green. -root Use the root window background. -none This is the default. All of the windows simply repaint. -geometry WxH+X+Y Specifies the portion of the screen to be repainted; see X(7). -display display This argument allows you to specify the server and screen to refresh; see X(7). X DEFAULTS
The xrefresh program uses the routine XGetDefault(3) to read defaults, so its resource names are all capitalized. Black, White, Solid, None, Root Determines what sort of window background to use. Geometry Determines the area to refresh. Not very useful. ENVIRONMENT
DISPLAY - To get default host and display number. SEE ALSO
It should have just one default type for the background. AUTHORS
Jim Gettys, Digital Equipment Corp., MIT Project Athena X Version 11 xrefresh 1.0.4 XREFRESH(1)

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