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Full Discussion: vmstat question
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers vmstat question Post 16157 by Perderabo on Tuesday 26th of February 2002 09:29:23 AM
Old 02-26-2002
Well, gosh...runnable means runnable...able to be run. If a process is not runnable it must be waiting for something to occur, like a signal or an i/o operation.

Swapped means that the entire process is sitting on disk in the swap area. If it wasn't swapped, it would be in memory.

Having processes swapped out is not good, it means you really need more memory.

If you really get exactly 30 such processes each time that you shutdown your database, I would guess that they are database processes of some kind that were sleeping, then got swapped, and finally awoken by the shutdown process. But I don't have much to go on here and that is just a guess.

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VMSTAT(8)						   Linux Administrator's Manual 						 VMSTAT(8)

vmstat - Report virtual memory statistics SYNOPSIS
vmstat [-n] [delay [ count]] vmstat[-V] DESCRIPTION
vmstat reports information about processes, memory, paging, block IO, traps, and cpu activity. The first report produced gives averages since the last reboot. Additional reports give information on a sampling period of length delay. The process and memory reports are instantaneous in either case. Options The -n switch causes the header to be displayed only once rather than periodically. delay is the delay between updates in seconds. If no delay is specified, only one report is printed with the average values since boot. count is the number of updates. If no count is specified and delay is defined, count defaults to infinity. The -V switch results in displaying version information. FIELD DESCRIPTIONS
Procs r: The number of processes waiting for run time. b: The number of processes in uninterruptable sleep. w: The number of processes swapped out but otherwise runnable. This field is calculated, but Linux never desperation swaps. Memory swpd: the amount of virtual memory used (kB). free: the amount of idle memory (kB). buff: the amount of memory used as buffers (kB). Swap si: Amount of memory swapped in from disk (kB/s). so: Amount of memory swapped to disk (kB/s). IO bi: Blocks sent to a block device (blocks/s). bo: Blocks received from a block device (blocks/s). System in: The number of interrupts per second, including the clock. cs: The number of context switches per second. CPU These are percentages of total CPU time. us: user time sy: system time id: idle time NOTES
vmstat does not require special permissions. These reports are intended to help identify system bottlenecks. Linux vmstat does not count itself as a running process. All linux blocks are currently 1k, except for CD-ROM blocks which are 2k. FILES
/proc/meminfo /proc/stat /proc/*/stat SEE ALSO
ps(1), top(1), free(1) BUGS
Does not tabulate the block io per device or count the number of system calls. AUTHOR
Written by Henry Ware <al172@yfn.ysu.edu>. Throatwobbler Ginkgo Labs 27 July 1994 VMSTAT(8)

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