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Old 02-26-2002
Bug forgot this

i had already done that (forgot ot post it) and nothing. but still doesn't work! when i edit ~/.fluxbox/init and change the menu to ~/.fluxbox/menu it restores the defaults. i've read all faqs and docs on fluxbox homepage. what now? any ideas?
XmRemoveFromPostFromList(library call)									    XmRemoveFromPostFromList(library call)

XmRemoveFromPostFromList -- a RowColumn function that disables a menu for a particular widget SYNOPSIS
#include <Xm/RowColumn.h> void XmRemoveFromPostFromList( Widget menu, Widget post_from_widget); DESCRIPTION
XmRemoveFromPostFromList makes a Popup or Pulldown menu no longer accessible from a widget. This function does not destroy a menu, or deal- locate the memory associated with it. It simply removes the widget from the menu's list of widgets permitted to post that menu. If the menu argument refers to a Popup menu, the event handlers are removed from the post_from_widget widget. If the argument refers to a Pulldown menu, its ID is removed from the XmNsubMenuId of the specified post_from_widget. Also, if the menu is a Pulldown menu, the post_from_widget widget must be either a CascadeButton or a CascadeButtonGadget. menu Specifies the widget ID of a the Popup or Pulldown menu to be made inaccessible from the post_from_widget widget. post_from_widget Specifies the widget ID of the widget which can no longer post the menu referred to by the menu argument.. For a complete definition of RowColumn and its associated resources, see XmRowColumn(3). RELATED
XmAddToPostFromList(3), XmGetPostedFromWidget(3), and XmRowColumn(3). XmRemoveFromPostFromList(library call)

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