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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users System cutover - name resolution Post 15797 by rwb1959 on Tuesday 19th of February 2002 02:56:10 PM
Old 02-19-2002
Assuming you have an internal DNS, you could
add a "CNAME" type entry into your zone files
so that "seq2" will map to "palprod". This
would at least be realtively clean and localized.

Something like...

palprod IN A
seq2 IN CNAME palprod.myco.com.

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exclusion - Exclude a set of hosts from a definition in a shorewall configuration file. SYNOPSIS
!address-or-range[,address-or-range]... !zone-name[,zone-name]... DESCRIPTION
The first form of exclusion is used when you wish to exclude one or more addresses from a definition. An exclaimation point is followed by a comma-separated list of addresses. The addresses may be single host addresses (e.g., or they may be network addresses in CIDR format (e.g., If your kernel and iptables include iprange support, you may also specify ranges of ip addresses of the form lowaddress-highaddress No embedded whitespace is allowed. Exclusion can appear after a list of addresses and/or address ranges. In that case, the final list of address is formed by taking the first list and then removing the addresses defined in the exclusion. Beginning in Shorewall 4.4.13, the second form of exclusion is allowed after all and any in the SOURCE and DEST columns of /etc/shorewall/rules. It allows you to omit arbitrary zones from the list generated by those key words. Warning If you omit a sub-zone and there is an explicit or explicit CONTINUE policy, a connection to/from that zone can still be matched by the rule generated for a parent zone. For example: /etc/shorewall/zones: #ZONE TYPE z1 ip z2:z1 ip ... /etc/shorewall/policy: #SOURCE DEST POLICY z1 net CONTINUE z2 net REJECT /etc/shorewall/rules: #ACTION SOURCE DEST PROTO DEST # PORT(S) ACCEPT all!z2 net tcp 22 In this case, SSH connections from z2 to net will be accepted by the generated z1 to net ACCEPT rule. In most contexts, ipset names can be used as an address-or-range. Beginning with Shorewall 4.4.14, ipset lists enclosed in +[...] may also be included (see shorewall-ipsets[1] (5)). The semantics of these lists when used in an exclusion are as follows: o !+[set1,set2,...setN] produces a packet match if the packet does not match at least one of the sets. In other words, it is like NOT match set1 OR NOT match set2 ... OR NOT match setN. o +[!set1,!set2,...!setN] produces a packet match if the packet does not match any of the sets. In other words, it is like NOT match set1 AND NOT match set2 ... AND NOT match setN. EXAMPLES
Example 1 - All IPv4 addresses except ! Example 2 - All IPv4 addresses except the network and the host !, Example 3 - All IPv4 addresses except the range and the network !, Example 4 - The network except hosts and!, Example 5 - All parent zones except loc any!loc FILES
/etc/shorewall/hosts /etc/shorewall/masq /etc/shorewall/rules /etc/shorewall/tcrules SEE ALSO
shorewall(8), shorewall-accounting(5), shorewall-actions(5), shorewall-blacklist(5), shorewall-hosts(5), shorewall_interfaces(5), shorewall-ipsets(5), shorewall-maclist(5), shorewall-masq(5), shorewall-nat(5), shorewall-netmap(5), shorewall-params(5), shorewall-policy(5), shorewall-providers(5), shorewall-proxyarp(5), shorewall-rtrules(5), shorewall-routestopped(5), shorewall-rules(5), shorewall.conf(5), shorewall-secmarks(5), shorewall-tcclasses(5), shorewall-tcdevices(5), shorewall-tcrules(5), shorewall-tos(5), shorewall-tunnels(5), shorewall-zones(5) NOTES
1. shorewall-ipsets http://www.shorewall.net/manpages/shorewall-ipsets.html [FIXME: source] 06/28/2012 SHOREWALL-EXCLUSION(5)

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