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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users recursive copy of hidden files Post 15794 by usfrog on Tuesday 19th of February 2002 02:16:25 PM
Old 02-19-2002

Thank you!
It worked!!

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how to copy hidden files from one folder to another

dear all, i want to copy all files in my home dir to another. from my home dir i have given ls -la then some hidden files are there with dot . .. and i also want to copy all dirs in my home as it is . because iam upgrading the system how to copy all files and dirs in my home dir... (1 Reply)
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Finding Hidden files and protecting the folder containing hidden files from deletion

Hi. I have a script which is deleting files with a particular extension and older than 45 days.The code is: find <path> -name "<filename_pattern>" -mtime +45 -exec rm {} \; But the problem is that some important files are also getting deleted.To prevent this I have decide to make a dummy... (4 Replies)
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3. Programming

recursive copy of the directory

I want to copy a directory recursively ( it again has directories) and the directory is on windows and is nfsmounted in vxWorks, i am using unix to develop the code for this, can any one suggest me how to copy the directories recursively. (7 Replies)
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4. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

help with recursive copy command

Hi Guys, I am experiencing a problem right now while copying a directory as well as its subdirectories to my target directory. I know this is a very simple UNIX command using cp -R source directory target directory. but unfortunatley while doing this an error comes up on the command line saying... (2 Replies)
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5. Shell Programming and Scripting

recursive search and copy

Hello again. Well, I need help again sooner as I thought. Now I want to search for files with a known name within all subdirs, and copy the to differently named files in the same directory. For example if I had only one file to copy, I would just usecp fileName newFileNamebut to do this... (1 Reply)
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6. Shell Programming and Scripting

Recursive search for files and copy to new directories

So I have extremely limited experience with shell scripting and I was hoping someone could point out a few commands I need to use in order to pull this off with a shell script like BASH or whatnot (this is on OS X). I need to search out for filenames with account numbers in the name itself... (3 Replies)
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7. HP-UX

Recursive copy of Folders with files

Dear All, I will appreciate any help received. Our system is running on hpux v1 My problem is as follows: We have many customer folders with name fd000100, fd000101 and so on e.g. (Testrun)(testsqa):/>ll /TESTrun/fd000100 total 48 drwxrwx--- 2 fq000100 test 96 Jun 27 2004... (17 Replies)
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8. AIX

Copy to Windows hidden share

Hi, I need to find a solution for backing up/transferring BACKUP (dump file) from AIX (specifically) to Windows 2012 Hidden Share. The vendor says that he cannot do a copy from his system to hidden share because it requires a password... Personally, I think that there should be a solution... (9 Replies)
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9. Shell Programming and Scripting

Rsync - how to copy hidden folder or hidden files when using full path

Hello. I use this command : rsync -av --include=".*" --dry-run "$A_FULL_PATH_S" "$A_FULL_PATH_D"The data comes from the output of a find command. And no full source directories are in use, only some files. Source example... (2 Replies)
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SoFullPath(3)							       Coin							     SoFullPath(3)

SoFullPath - The SoFullPath class allows examination of hidden children in paths. SoPath allows only access from the head node to the first node with hidden children, but not any further. SYNOPSIS
#include <Inventor/SoFullPath.h> Inherits SoPath. Inherited by SoTempPath. Public Member Functions void pop (void) SoNode * getTail (void) const SoNode * getNodeFromTail (const int index) const int getIndexFromTail (const int index) const int getLength (void) const Additional Inherited Members Detailed Description The SoFullPath class allows examination of hidden children in paths. SoPath allows only access from the head node to the first node with hidden children, but not any further. Since the SoFullPath is derived from SoPath and contains no private data, you can cast SoPath instances to the SoFullPath type. This will allow you to examine hidden children. (Actually, you are not supposed to allocate instances of this class at all. It is only available as an 'extended interface' into the superclass SoPath.) Member Function Documentation void SoFullPath::pop (void) [inline] This method overrides SoPath::pop() to allow clients to get at all the nodes in the path. Reimplemented from SoPath. SoNode * SoFullPath::getTail (void) const This method overrides SoPath::getTail() to allow clients to get the tail node, counting internal path nodes. Reimplemented from SoPath. SoNode * SoFullPath::getNodeFromTail (const intindex) const This method overrides SoPath::getNodeFromTail() to allow clients to get the node positioned index nodes from the tail, counting internal path nodes. Reimplemented from SoPath. int SoFullPath::getIndexFromTail (const intindex) const This method overrides SoPath::getIndexFromTail() to allow clients to get the child index number for nodes based on their position from the tail, counting hidden nodes. Reimplemented from SoPath. int SoFullPath::getLength (void) const This method returns the length of the path, counting hidden nodes also. Reimplemented from SoPath. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for Coin from the source code. Version 3.1.3 Wed May 23 2012 SoFullPath(3)

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