Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers "man date" command does not work Post 15513 by aptit on Friday 15th of February 2002 06:35:10 AM
Question "man date" command does not work

Hi there

I'm logged in as root on a UNIX Spark 10 using a SSH client.

I notice that the time on the machine is wrong and I type "man date" in order to receive the options how to change this.

When typing "man date" and hitting Enter I get the message "No manual entry for date"

Why? Am I doing something wrong? In need of assistance!


Yours sincerely,

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datefield(n)							Tk datefield widget						      datefield(n)


datefield - Tk datefield widget SYNOPSIS
package require Tk package require datefield ?0.2? ::datefield::datefield widgetpath ?options? _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
The datefield package provides the datefield widget which is an enhanced text entry widget for the purpose of date entry. Only valid dates of the form MM/DD/YYYY can be entered. The datefield widget is, in fact, just an entry widget with specialized bindings. This means all the command and options for an entry wid- get apply equally here. COMMANDS
::datefield::datefield widgetpath ?options? Creates and configures a date field widget. OPTIONS
See the entry manual entry for details on all available options. EXAMPLE
package require datefield wm title . "Datefield example" proc DayOfWeek {args} { set now [clock scan $::myDate] set ::myDate2 [clock format $now -format %A] } trace variable myDate w DayOfWeek ::datefield::datefield .df -textvariable myDate label .l1 -text "Enter a date:" -anchor e label .l2 -text "That date is a:" -anchor e label .l3 -textvariable myDate2 -relief sunken -width 12 grid .l1 .df -sticky ew grid .l2 .l3 -sticky ew focus .df SEE ALSO
clock(n), entry(n) KEYWORDS
clock, entry, widget COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) Keith Vetter <> datefield 0.2 datefield(n)

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