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Full Discussion: Filtering duplicate lines
Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users Filtering duplicate lines Post 14994 by thehoghunter on Friday 8th of February 2002 01:03:21 PM
Old 02-08-2002
What is the original order of the file? Is it order or chaos?

If the file has an order (by date time, by nodename, by some field) then you can also sort by that field (check the man page)

If it is chaos - meaning no specific order (it just came that way!) then I believe you would need to write a script (Perl ) or a program (your preference of lanuage) to get what you are trying to do.
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aclsort(3C)															       aclsort(3C)

aclsort() - sort an Access Control List (JFS File Systems only) SYNOPSIS
The routine sorts JFS Access Control List (ACL) entries into the correct order to be accepted by the acl(2) system call. points to a buffer containing ACL entries; if non-zero, indicates that the permissions should be recalculated; and specifies the number of ACL entries in the buffer. sorts the contents of the ACL buffer as follows: Entries will be in order and Entries of type and will be sorted in increasing order by numeric ID. The call will succeed if all of the following are true: There is exactly one entry each of type and There is at most one entry each of type and Entries of type or may not contain duplicate entries. A duplicate entry is one of the same type containing the same numeric id, irrespective of permission bits. If the argument is zero and there are no entries of type and no entries of type the permissions of the and entries must be the same. If there are no entries of type and no entries of type and the entry is specified, then the entry must also be specified, and the permissions of the and entries must be the same. RETURN VALUE
Upon successful completion, the return value is 0. If there are duplicate entries, the return value is the position of the first duplicate entry. If there is more than one entry of type or they are treated as duplicate entries, and the return value is the position of the first duplicate entry. For all other errors, the return value is -1. NOTICES
The buffer is sorted by type and ID before checking for any failures. Therefore the buffer is always sorted, even if there is a failure. The position of a duplicate entry returned on failure is not the byte offset of the duplicate entry from its base; rather it refers to the entry number of the duplicate entry within the sorted buffer. Checks will be performed in order of entry type. If there are multiple failures, the failure returned will be the first encountered, for example, if the ACL buffer contains a duplicate entry and does not contain an entry, the return value will be the first duplicate entry. ACLs do not have to be sorted with prior to passing them to acl(2). DEPENDENCIES
is supported only on JFS file systems on the standard HP-UX operating system. AUTHOR
was developed by AT&T. SEE ALSO
acl(2), aclv(5). aclsort(3C)

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