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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting What is dbsql and how is it used ? Post 14956 by thehoghunter on Friday 8th of February 2002 09:48:36 AM
Old 02-08-2002
dbsql would be a DataBase Structured Query Language command to query a database.

How to use it: that would matter on the database you have running. It could be Oracle, Sybase, Infobase, .... and too many more to list! Find out which database you are running and then check out their web site or search for command off the web for that database.
Session::Store::Sybase(3)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				 Session::Store::Sybase(3)

Apache::Session::Store::Sybase - Store persistent data in a Sybase database SYNOPSIS
use Apache::Session::Store::Sybase; my $store = new Apache::Session::Store::MySQL; $store->insert( $ref ); $store->update( $ref ); $store->materialize( $ref ); $store->remove( $ref ); DESCRIPTION
Apache::Session::Store::Sybase fulfills the storage interface of Apache::Session. Session data is stored in a Sybase database. SCHEMA
To use this module, you will need at least these columns in a table called 'sessions': id CHAR(32) # or however long your session IDs are. a_session IMAGE To create this schema, you can execute this command using the isql or sqsh programs: CREATE TABLE sessions ( id CHAR(32) not null primary key, a_session TEXT ) go If you use some other command, ensure that there is a unique index on the id column of the table CONFIGURATION
The module must know what datasource, username, and password to use when connecting to the database. These values can be set using the options hash (see Apache::Session documentation). The options are: DataSource UserName Password Example: tie %hash, 'Apache::Session::Sybase', $id, { DataSource => 'dbi:Sybase:database=db;server=server', UserName => 'database_user', Password => 'K00l', Commit => 1, }; Instead, you may pass in an already-opened DBI handle to your database. tie %hash, 'Apache::Session::Sybase', $id, { Handle => $dbh }; Additional arguments you can pass to the backing store are: Commit - whether we should commit any changes; if you pass in an already-open database handle that has AutoCommit set to a true value, you do not need to set this. If you let Apache::Session::Store::Sybase create your database, handle, you must set this to a true value, otherwise, your changes will not be saved textsize - the value we should pass to the 'set textsize ' command that sets the max size of the IMAGE field. Default is 32K (at least in Sybase ASE 11.9.2). AUTHOR
This module was based on Apache::Session::Store::Oracle which was written by Jeffrey William Baker <jwbaker@acm.org>; it was modified by Chris Winters <chris@cwinters.com> to work with Apache::Session 1.5+ with changes from earlier version of Apache::Session::DBI::Sybase from Mark Landry <mdlandry@lincoln.midcoast.com>. SEE ALSO
Apache::Session perl v5.12.1 2007-09-28 Session::Store::Sybase(3)

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