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Full Discussion: log user off from c prog
Top Forums Programming log user off from c prog Post 14683 by LivinFree on Tuesday 5th of February 2002 05:13:47 AM
Old 02-05-2002
The program would have to run as either root, or the user you're killing. Simply kill the shell, and the rest should die (unless they've been told not to - in which case you have to kill each one).
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KILL(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   KILL(1)

kill, broke - print commands to kill processes SYNOPSIS
kill name broke DESCRIPTION
Kill prints commands that will cause all processes called name and owned by the current user to be terminated. Use the send command of 81/2(1), or pipe the output of kill into rc(1) to execute the commands. Kill suggests sending a kill note to the process; the same message delivered to the process's ctl file (see proc(3)) is a surer, if heavy handed, kill, but is necessary if the offending process is ignoring notes. Broke prints commands that will cause all processes in the Broken state and owned by the current user to go away. When a process dies because of an error caught by the system, it may linger in the Broken state to allow examination with a debugger. Executing the commands printed by broke lets the system reclaim the resources used by the broken processes. SOURCE
/rc/bin/kill /rc/bin/broke SEE ALSO
ps(1), stop(1), proc(3) KILL(1)

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