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Full Discussion: bandwidth check?
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers bandwidth check? Post 14280 by PxT on Tuesday 29th of January 2002 11:40:15 PM
Old 01-30-2002
A quick and dirty way is to use "wget" or another file transfer program like ftp to download a large file (at least several megabytes) from a remote server. Check out the bytes/sec reported. Try it at various times throughout the day to get an average. Alternately, you could use something like <A HREF="http://freshmeat.net/projects/bing/">Bing</A>. Search www.freshmeat.net for other possibilities.

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CLASCL(l)								 )								 CLASCL(l)

CLASCL - multiplie the M by N complex matrix A by the real scalar CTO/CFROM SYNOPSIS
CLASCL multiplies the M by N complex matrix A by the real scalar CTO/CFROM. This is done without over/underflow as long as the final result CTO*A(I,J)/CFROM does not over/underflow. TYPE specifies that A may be full, upper triangular, lower triangular, upper Hessenberg, or banded. ARGUMENTS
TYPE (input) CHARACTER*1 TYPE indices the storage type of the input matrix. = 'G': A is a full matrix. = 'L': A is a lower triangular matrix. = 'U': A is an upper triangular matrix. = 'H': A is an upper Hessenberg matrix. = 'B': A is a symmetric band matrix with lower bandwidth KL and upper bandwidth KU and with the only the lower half stored. = 'Q': A is a symmetric band matrix with lower bandwidth KL and upper bandwidth KU and with the only the upper half stored. = 'Z': A is a band matrix with lower bandwidth KL and upper bandwidth KU. KL (input) INTEGER The lower bandwidth of A. Referenced only if TYPE = 'B', KU (input) INTEGER The upper bandwidth of A. Referenced only if TYPE = 'B', CFROM (input) REAL CTO (input) REAL The matrix A is multiplied by CTO/CFROM. A(I,J) is computed without over/underflow if the final result CTO*A(I,J)/CFROM can be represented without over/underflow. CFROM must be nonzero. M (input) INTEGER The number of rows of the matrix A. M >= 0. N (input) INTEGER The number of columns of the matrix A. N >= 0. A (input/output) COMPLEX array, dimension (LDA,M) The matrix to be multiplied by CTO/CFROM. See TYPE for the storage type. LDA (input) INTEGER The leading dimension of the array A. LDA >= max(1,M). INFO (output) INTEGER 0 - successful exit <0 - if INFO = -i, the i-th argument had an illegal value. LAPACK version 3.0 15 June 2000 CLASCL(l)

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