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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Sun solaris server auto reboots Post 13756 by mnjanje on Wednesday 23rd of January 2002 08:50:20 AM
Old 01-23-2002
This is the /var/adm/messages file
Jan 21 01:03:54 MBIA-ORACLE unix: st0: <Vendor 'QUANTUM ' Product 'DLT7000
Jan 21 01:03:54 MBIA-ORACLE unix: st0 at QLGC,isp0:
Jan 21 01:03:54 MBIA-ORACLE unix: target 0 lun 0
Jan 21 01:03:54 MBIA-ORACLE unix: st0 is /sbus@b,0/QLGC,isp@0,10000/st@0,0
Jan 21 01:03:59 MBIA-ORACLE unix: st0: Variable record length I/O
Jan 21 12:39:22 MBIA-ORACLE unix: ID[] socal1: port 0: Fi
bre Channel is OFFLINE
Jan 21 12:39:22 MBIA-ORACLE unix: ID[] socal3: port 0: Fi
bre Channel is OFFLINE
Jan 21 12:39:22 MBIA-ORACLE unix: ID[] socal1: port 0: Fi
bre Channel Loop is ONLINE
Jan 21 12:39:24 MBIA-ORACLE unix: sf2: INQUIRY to LUN 0x0 to target 0x5d alpa 0
x45 timed out
Jan 21 12:39:24 MBIA-ORACLE unix: sf2: INQUIRY to LUN 0x0 to target 0x5d retryi
Jan 21 12:39:25 MBIA-ORACLE unix: ID[] socal3: port 0: Fi
bre Channel Loop is ONLINE
Jan 21 12:39:27 MBIA-ORACLE unix: sf6: REPORT_LUNS to target 0x5d alpa 0x45 tim
ed out
Jan 21 12:39:27 MBIA-ORACLE unix: sf6: REPORT_LUNS to target 0x5d retrying
Jan 22 13:05:54 MBIA-ORACLE login: REPEATED LOGIN FAILURES ON /dev/pts/11 FROM 1

Could someone tell me what is going on?
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img-sun(3tk)															      img-sun(3tk)

img-sun - Img, Sun Raster Format (sun) SYNOPSIS
package require Tk package require img::sun ?1.3? image create photo ?name? ?options? DESCRIPTION
The package img::sun is a sub-package of Img. It can be loaded as a part of the complete Img support, via package require Img, or on its own, via package require img::sun. Like all packages of Img it does not provide new commands, but extends the existing Tk command image so that it supports files containing raster images in the Sun Raster Format (sun). More specifically img::sun extends Tk's photo image type. The name of the new format handler is sun. This handler provides new additional configuration options. See section SUN OPTIONS for more detailed explanations. All of the above means that in a call like image create photo ?name? ?options? [1] Image data in sun format (options -data and -file) is detected automatically. [2] The format name sun is recognized by the option -format. In addition the value for the option is treated as list and may contain any of the special options listed in section SUN OPTIONS. SUPPORTED SUN TYPES
1-bit pixels: Black and White. 8-bit pixels: Grayscale or indexed. 24-bit pixels: True-color (RGB, each channel 8 bit). 32-bit pixels: True-color with alpha channel (RGBA, each channel 8 bit). List of currently supported features: Type | Read | Write | | -file | -data | -file | -data | ---------------------------------------- 1-bit | Yes | Yes | No | No | 8-bit | Yes | Yes | No | No | 24-bit | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes | 32-bit | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes | All images types may be either uncompressed or run-length encoded. SUN OPTIONS
The handler provides the following options: -verbose bool This option is supported for reading and writing. If set to true, additional information about the loaded/stored image is printed to stdout. Default is false. -compression type This option is supported for writing only. Set the compression mode to either none or rle. Default is rle. -matte bool This option is supported for reading and writing. If set to false, a matte (alpha) channel is ignored during reading or writing. Default is true. SEE ALSO
img-bmp, img-gif, img-ico, img-intro, img-jpeg, img-pcx, img-pixmap, img-png, img-ppm, img-ps, img-sgi, img-sun, img-tga, img-tiff, img- window, img-xbm, img-xpm KEYWORDS
image handling, sun, tk COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 1995-2003 Jan Nijtmans <> Img 1.3 img-sun(3tk)

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